6 Ways to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy in 2022

Since taking teens by storm in 2017, TikTok has become a hugely popular social media platform, with eight new users joining TikTok every second. The video format popularized by TikTok was quickly copied by other platforms, but TikTok remains a go-to destination for consumers — and now advertisers too. According to the first TikTok ad revenue forecast from Insider Intelligence eMarketer“TikTok’s net ad revenue in the US will jump 184.4% this year [2022]to $5.96 billion, from $2.1 billion in 2021.”

What does this mean for advertisers? Should you prioritize TikTok campaigns? Most likely. Read on to find out why and how.

As TikTok grows, more advertisers will try to cultivate winning TikTok marketing strategies

TikTok now holds “2.4% of the estimated nearly $250 billion U.S. digital advertising market, more than the combined U.S. ad revenue for Twitter and Snapchat, and just 1 point less than YouTube.” . TikTok’s growth aligns with the growing popularity of video advertising, which is becoming increasingly common across verticals. “Video advertising is powerful – it’s a great way to showcase and showcase your product in a way the consumer can fully relate to. It’s different from print or static ads because users are more engaged,” said Amber Paul, SVP of Distribution at DMS.

And, more and more users of all ages are on TikTok. In September 2021, 42% of TikTok users were between the ages of 30 and 49, and 11% of users were over 50, according to Statista. In fact, a recent Hootsuite article reported that “TikTok ads reach 17.9% of adult internet users,” meaning it’s not just Gen Z anymore.

If your audience is on TikTok, you should be too. But that doesn’t mean you have to be an ad expert on TikTok.

These 6 best practices will help you create a successful TikTok marketing strategy

1. Use captions

A lot of people don’t turn up their volume. Subs are your friends when advertising this band. Captions are also very useful when it’s time to promote your CTA.

2. Be strategic when taking advantage of trends

Trending can be tricky and age-specific, but if you know your audience responds well to video trends, don’t hesitate to include them in TikTok ads.

3. Watch the clock

The average duration of TikTok ads is between 9 and 15 seconds. You’d be surprised how much you can say or show in such a short time, and the idea is to drive your audience to a landing page or website, so quick and concise is key.

4. Tap TikTok Creators

The right creator can make a big difference in how a TikTok ad is perceived, so it’s important to match the right creator to the right ad and consider both the product being sold and the audience it’s intended for.

5. Be consistent throughout your user flow

A stunning TikTok ad is great, but content, messaging, and hashtags need to be leveraged across your entire user feed to create a cohesive experience. Consumers engaged by a trendy TikTok ad want to be similarly engaged on your landing page.

6. Partner with a TikTok expert

Partnering with an expert, like DMS, can help you do all of the above and more. TikTok isn’t intimidating when you have the right partner.

DMS has the TikTok experts you need

For advertisers just getting used to the idea of ​​TikTok or looking to scale current TikTok efforts, performance marketing solutions are the way to go. Digital Media Solutions (DMS) can help you launch or expand your brand presence on TikTok. Our social media experts keep up to date with trends and platform updates to ensure campaigns that convert.

The best news? Our TikTok campaigns are CPA based, which means you only pay for the results you want.

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William L. Hart