Aaron Rodriguez discusses digital marketing strategy in B2B companies

Digital marketing refers to the promotion of a brand online, through digital communication. It aims to reach customers through search engines, social media, websites, emails and other channels. Aaron Rodriguez, an expert in using digital marketing to optimize business, talks about digital marketing strategies for B2B companies.

A digital marketing strategy involves planning certain steps to achieve defined goals through online means. This involves aspects such as creating and distributing content through websites and social networks, managing emails and blogs, among others.

“Attracting new customers is the goal of all digital marketing actions,” says Rodriguez. “So it’s not just about ensuring that your business has a digital presence, but that the marketing and sales strategies are aligned, to provide a good experience in the recognition and consideration process, which will give the customer the security of making the decision to buy from you.

B2B (business to business) marketing is oriented towards the sale of products and services between companies and not directly to the final consumer, as is the case in the case of B2C. In other words, it is the companies themselves that sell products or services to other companies and not to individual consumers.

First and foremost, the needs of businesses are not the same as those of a consumer, since they are driven by more objective factors, such as profitability or productivity. Businesses buy a product or service with the goal of helping them operate better, be more efficient, and earn a return.

“You should know that in B2B, it can be more complicated to get the message across to our potential customers, since there are generally fewer of them than consumers, and because they belong to a much more segmented niche. They’re usually professionals in a specific industry, so it’s not as easy to maintain communication with them through more general channels like social media,” says Rodriguez.

In this sense, email marketing can be very effective if it targets the right contacts and takes into account aspects such as the specific needs of the customer (in this case, companies) and knowledge of the purchase cycle of our product or service. Another point to emphasize is that today, companies are aware that the image projected by their business partners has a significant impact on their own image, and on what they want to convey to their customers.

B2B customers are a more informed audience, who clearly know the type of product and service they need. Therefore, they are going to check out options other than your business, either through a computer or even a mobile device, so it is essential that you maintain a digital presence. “In B2B, it can be more complicated to get the message across to our potential customers because they are generally fewer in number than consumers, and because they belong to a much more segmented niche,” adds Rodriguez.

One of the great benefits of digital marketing is that you can create a defined audience that is the target audience that your product or service may actually appeal to. Instead of sitting and waiting to see if your direct, radio or print marketing efforts work, with digital marketing you can be sure you’re targeting the right audience through the channels where they spend most of their time. their time. Before launching an ad or campaign, you can enter key information about your audience to better target them. This makes it easier for you to generate the desired impact and gives you more opportunities to increase your sales.

90% of the research and decision making that turns customers into buyers is done online. If your business has a good digital presence and reputation, you will have a head start in the selection process. Digital marketing is very important for businesses because it allows you to have much better control over the quality of your campaigns.

You can easily track your campaigns and make necessary adjustments on the fly without making them more expensive. This helps you adapt and optimize your strategies as they are implemented to achieve better results.

“Ultimately, a good digital strategy will help drive long-term growth for your business,” Rodriguez concludes. “For this to happen, marketing must be aligned with business goals because it will help your marketing team understand intent, interactions, and signals that drive long-term growth.”

About Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez is an expert e-commerce consultant in Latin America. He helps businesses in the region optimize all of their e-commerce operations to increase sales and retain customers, and also has extensive experience in developing strategic and external alliances to advance departmental and organizational goals. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America assisting a number of businesses and when not traveling devotes all of his available time to his wife and children.

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