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DENVER, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Cannabis Creative Movement’s year-long effort to educate the cannabis community on critical issues while supporting important nonprofits has been named the “Marketing Campaign”. of the Year” at the annual ADCANN Awards, given annually to recognize “the best in cannabis marketing and advertising.”

Launched in April 2021, the Cannabis Creative Movement is a joint initiative of PufCreativ, an award-winning community-focused cannabis marketing agency, and The 9th Block, a branding + communications company focused on the cannabis, health and wellness industries. of technology. Working with a network of non-profit organizations with expertise on critical issues of importance to the cannabis community, the group researched, wrote, designed and promoted a series of downloadable brochures, each focused on a particular pressing issue. . Additionally, each educational guide focused on the efforts of a particular nonprofit organization while helping to educate individuals about ways to get involved.

“By providing educational resources while supporting groups specializing in these causes, the Cannabis Creative Movement has demonstrated how cannabis and cannabis ancillary brands can use their platforms and marketing budgets to create meaningful social change,” said Cody. Hicks, CEO of ADCANN. “We think the ADCANN community really connected with the idea behind this campaign and showed their support by voting it as America’s Best Marketing Campaign of the Year.”

ADCANN is a Toronto-based publisher and media company focused on marketing, branding and advertising in the global cannabis industry. The annual ADCANN awards are determined based on nominations submitted by members of the public. The 2021 winners were selected from more than 400 submitted entries, which were narrowed down to 266 first-round nominees and 80 finalists. Members of the public and the ADCANN community then voted to determine the final winners, with over 100,000 votes cast in total.

“We couldn’t be more honored that ADCANN voters recognized this effort and the importance of these issues within the cannabis community,” said John Shute, CEO and Founder of PufCreativ. “People who work in this industry are committed to building a more equitable and inclusive industry for all, and this vote shows how these important issues resonate with so many. We hope this award can help bring even more attention to nonprofits working to create a better future.

Since its inception, the Cannabis Creative Movement has created and distributed six educational guides in support of five different nonprofit organizations. All guides are available on the organization’s website, including:

CannaCurious Guide for Women

in support of the

Lupus Howse Foundation Sexual Assault Support Guide

in support of the

Colorado Coalition Against Sexual AssaultSuicide Prevention Guide

in support of

The Wake Up ProjectOpioid Awareness Guide

in support of

Leaf411Anti-Racism Guide

in support of the

Cannabis Impact Fund

“On behalf of all of the incredible nonprofits that inspired this work, we want to thank the ADCANN community for supporting this effort,” said Wes Donahoe, co-founder and chief marketing officer of The 9th Block. “The creative cannabis movement is just getting started and we are working on plans for more awareness to support the cannabis community over the next 12 months. Receiving this recognition only reinforces our commitment to building a better industry for all.

About the Cannabis Creative Movement The Cannabis Creative Movement is a joint initiative of PufCreativ, an award-winning, community-driven cannabis marketing agency, and The 9th Block, a branding + communications company focused on the cannabis, cannabis and cannabis industries. health and technology. The group welcomes the participation of other cannabis creators interested in raising awareness of the critical issues facing the cannabis community. For more information, email the Cannabis Creative Movement at

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