Condeco Launches New Marketing Campaign to Address the Biggest Cultural Shift in 21st Century Business

The campaign kicks off with a short film designed to highlight the generational divide resulting from attitudes towards the hybrid workplace and flexible working

Condeco, a global leader in workspace planning software, today announces the launch of its new marketing campaign specifically designed to address the immediate need of businesses to redefine the workplace and meet the changing expectations of their employees. .

Condeco’s campaign will kick off with a new short film that showcases the needs of the modern workplace and contextualizes the new wave of corporate culture that is disrupting the traditional office environment. Positioned as a satirical comedy, the short film shines a light on the growing generational divide that has emerged from the pandemic, and lightly cements the importance of having an employer who understands and embraces the needs of employees.

In addition to the launch of this new film, Condeco’s new marketing campaign includes a new consumer report that supports the importance of fostering a workplace that respects the desires of its employees, with hybrid work opportunities at its core. As full-time remote work becomes a pandemic hobby, the findings of this report underscore the need for business leaders to prioritize employee happiness, mental health and digital technology when they adopt hybrid working models.

“It’s no secret that there’s been a seismic shift in the way we work,” said Lynda Lowe, CMO at Condeco. “Work is now an outcome that is no longer defined by a single physical location and there is a growing point of tension between business leaders trying to force a return to the office and their employees who want to be able to work in a flexible. But that doesn’t mean leaders should completely neglect the value of the office. Instead, leaders need to understand that the value of the office has shifted to providing a safe space for employee collaboration. The past two years have taught us that giving employees the time and space to do this of their choosing is key to supporting their mental health and well-being, as well as fostering a positive company culture and social interaction. improved.”

Condeco’s new marketing campaign follows the 2021 brand repositioning, which recognized employers’ immediate need to offer their employees the flexibility to work from anywhere. True to its mission to help businesses redefine their workplace, Condeco acquired ProxyClick in January 2022 to extend Condeco’s workspace solutions for the enterprise, enabling the company to deliver an end-to-end experience ultimately to employees and guests with the connected office – and ultimately, to help businesses prepare for the future of work.

Condeco’s new film will air on connected TV and social media beginning Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Media planned and purchased by Hubble, part of the What’s Possible group. The film was produced by Arts & Sciences and directed by Casey Storm, known for his work with brands such as Paypal, Apple, Hulu, Expedia, etc.

To watch the full broadcast, please click here: To learn more about Condeco’s new report on hybrid working, please click here.

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