Digital Content Producer – Engagement Job, Johannesburg, Sandown Sandton

Remuneration: tct negotiable
Advantages: Medical Aid and Provident Fund
Location: Johannesburg, Sandown Sandton
Remote work: Not applicable
Level of education: Diploma
Job level: Junior
Employment Policy: Employment equity position
Type: Permanent
Reference: #DCP: Engagement
Company: Primemedia

job description

Purpose of the role

Digital Content Producers generate and curate content for use on digital platforms with the aim of deepening and expanding viewers’ relationship with the sites (in line with strategy), to create opportunities for content sharing and to talk about the brand.

job description
702 needs a qualified and experienced individual who can deploy engaging and relevant content across its multiple digital platforms, including social media and website, in line with the digital hub strategy.
key considerations when researching content opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Deliver local, relevant content that captures the hearts and minds of digital audiences
  • Create social media content that provides insight into the brand, in line with the strategy
  • Write well-crafted and on-brand articles around key moments

Manage presence on social media platforms

  • Update social media platforms with relevant content that extends the online experience
  • Manage engagement with audience on social media platforms
  • Help implement a content strategy for digital property
  • Become an advocate for the site in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions as appropriate
  • Update social media platforms with relevant content that extends the online experience

Run a social media campaigns

  • Coordinate with marketing, programming and commercial departments to ensure that social media is used effectively for the deployment of various strategic campaigns
  • Manage the 702 newsletters
  • Update social media sites with consistent messages
  • Provide more details about social media campaigns
  • Manage incoming comments from subscribers
  • Coordinate on-site coverage of major events
  • Compile weekly/monthly reports

Create content for digital platforms

  • Create unique content (Images, articles, video, GIFs, Memes, audio clips) in line with content strategy for stations that deepens the relationship with viewers and boosts audience acquisition
  • Identify relevant content that can be used on digital platforms
  • Identify relevant and strategic content opportunities that could be used by stations in daily programming

Adhere to company strategy and values

  • Adhere to the principles of Primedia Broadcasting’s values ​​in all labor and business relationships and ensure that social media networks are operated in accordance with these

Monitor online trends

  • Continuously monitor online trends and identify opportunities for the digital channel
  • Adapt techniques to trends and ensure the best results and maximum exposure

Relationship building

  • Consult and liaise with editors, producers, digital content teams and all relevant stakeholders
  • Work with digital content teams to develop a collaborative approach to developing stories across all content platforms
  • Ensure that brands/influencers have all the information needed to deliver campaign messages


  • An undergraduate degree in Journalism and Media
  • 2-3 years of experience creating digital content
  • Exposure to product management or a digital environment in media
  • Journalism training
  • Min 2 years of experience in managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram platforms for a brand
  • Experience spotting good story angles and rewriting them in an online style at a fast and precise pace
  • Experience writing articles, presentations and social copy
  • Video and audio production will be advantageous
  • High level written English with an understanding of SEO principles
  • Conceptualization skills.
  • Ability to pitch creative digital content ideas and execute them effectively.
  • Ability to view and translate radio content that will perform well on digital platforms.
  • Ability to create or direct content to the tone of the station across various mediums including audio, articles and video.
  • Great interpersonal skills.
  • Video and audio production will be advantageous
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent networking and relationship building skills to build content database
  • Knowledge of current affairs and pop and internet culture
  • Social media reports with analytics and actionable insights
  • Ability to work independently as well as with others in a team
  • Curious, energetic and creative with a flair for storytelling
  • Passionate about digital, social media, cross-platform technologies
  • Compounded to operate under extreme pressure conditions
  • Innovative
  • Trend spotter
  • Soft
  • Resilient
  • Focused
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Disciplined to meet and exceed delivery deadlines
  • Attention to precision and detail

Published on April 12 09:36, Closing date June 10

William L. Hart