Disney and Amazon Ads delight fans with a personalized Lightyear marketing campaign

When Toy Story hit theaters in 1995, it became a phenomenon, inspiring critically acclaimed blockbuster sequels and spawning one of the highest-grossing film franchises.

On June 17, Disney and Pixar release Lightyear in theaters, which traces the origin story of Buzz Lightyear, the legendary space ranger (voiced by Chris Evans) who inspired the toy.

A space campaign

Prior to the film’s launch, Disney and Pixar wanted to excite moviegoers in a way that felt on-brand and authentic for their space adventure movie. To help achieve this goal, they worked with Amazon Ads’ Brand Innovation Lab to create a personalized marketing experience.

Brand Innovation Lab works closely with brand advertisers to produce personalized activations that capture the attention and imagination of customers with creative, tailored experiences. While collaborating on campaign ideas, Amazon Ads and Disney discovered a surprising parallel that fits perfectly with Buzz’s famous mantra of going “to infinity and beyond.” Just as Lightyear prepares for takeoff, so does Alexa.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced that Alexa was heading to the Moon as part of an innovative technology demonstration. The project’s goal is to explore how technologies like Alexa can help astronauts on future space missions, and customers can track and set alerts on mission milestones by saying “Alexa, take me on the moon”.

Inspired by this adventure in outer orbit, the Amazon Ads Brand Innovation Lab team created a custom video highlighting the respective launches of Buzz and Alexa. The video shows Alexa taking inspiration from the iconic space ranger while preparing for her first mission in space.

Back on Earth, Amazon Ads also launched surprising and delightful experiences for fans in the Amazon store. When shoppers type in #Lightyear on Amazon, they see Buzz scour the page with his laser sword, revealing a destination with new clips, behind-the-scenes features, tickets, and a link to Lightyear’s Store with a selection of new toys. inspired by the movie. Be sure to try it yourself.

The Disney and Amazon Ads collaboration for Lightyear shows how innovation can drive campaigns “to infinity and beyond.”

William L. Hart