Entrepreneur Tanuj Sachdeva emphasizes creativity as a crucial aspect of marketing strategy

Marketing has become a crucial aspect in all industries. It has become imperative to be creative in the execution of every marketing strategy. For starters, what role does creativity play in marketing? When we hear creativity, it is more about bringing innovation to the table by exercising unique marketing campaigns. Giving an overview of creative marketing, Tanuj Sachdeva explains how creativity has the upper hand in today’s dynamic world.

Tanuj Sachdeva is the founder and CEO of Blu Dexter, an advertising agency offering a range of services to maximize brand reach across the digital ecosystem. From small brands to recognized brands, the entrepreneur brought different layers of creativity with unique marketing tactics.

Along with shedding light on what creative marketers do, Tanuj Sachdeva explains the benefits of creativity in marketing campaigns. When it comes to creativity and innovation, nothing beats global giant Apple. Citing an example from this international technology company, Sachdeva reveals that he likes how Apple introduces the concept of “thinking differently” with its innovative designs. Along the same lines, Tanuj Sachdeva believes that brands in different verticals need to be creative in order to capture the attention of the target audience.

Apart from this, Tanuj Sachdeva believes that creative marketing can help increase sales significantly, thereby increasing brand goodwill. Along with the importance of creativity, he notes the merits of amplifying creative marketing strategy at present.

Creativity in marketing has an advantage over the competition

There is no denying that a brand is known for its Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Therefore, many brands are investing in different creative marketing strategies to stand out from their competitors in the market. Tanuj says, “To stand out, any brand needs to have a strategy beyond TV, billboards and billboards.” The best way is to use technology in a way that creates a lasting impact on the audience.

Creativity gives way to originality

When you get creative with executing marketing campaigns, you come up with innovative and original ideas that may never have been executed before. According to marketers, many businesses have grown and attracted potential customers by offering genuine products and services. “It’s about doing things that nobody does,” Tanuj reveals.

Creative marketing pays off

When it comes to marketing designs, they are good or bad. An underlying fact is that the cost of any marketing design is cheaper than old fashioned marketing designs. Interestingly, creative marketing strategies are cost effective and require less investment. Tanuj said the ROI of a creative marketing strategy is much higher than traditional marketing tools. The main reason behind this is innovation and advancement in technology, digital media and the internet.

Creative marketing campaigns have an emotional connection with the audience

Many brands and businesses understand audience sentiment before executing any marketing strategy. The human tendency of any individual is that their purchasing power is influenced more by emotions than by logic and data. Additionally, creative marketing helps brands build a loyal customer base by executing off-the-shelf ideas.

Creative marketing increases brand esteem

One of the most essential aspects of any brand is creating recognition with the target audience. This can only happen when companies amplify differentiation with their products and services. Therefore, mixing creativity in marketing strategies not only leads to increased sales but also helps establish brand value in the market.

In a nutshell, creative marketing has proven to be a game-changer for many brands. Through unique tactics, creative marketers have the ability to digitally connect with a wider audience, thereby influencing consumer buying power effectively and efficiently.

We wish Tanuj Sachdeva the best for his future endeavours.

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