Goose Digital discusses getting a digital marketing strategy in order

How do you use the marketing chaos to your advantage and take the necessary steps to take control?

When it’s time to launch your marketing efforts, there’s a go-go-go energy behind what you do. There’s nothing wrong with that eagerness, however, like the rest of life, marketing functions rely on a series of checks and balances.

Tackling a marketing campaign or initiative at a million miles per hour is chaotic no matter how you slice it. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a fact. So how do you leverage this chaos to your advantage and take the necessary steps to take control?

Be dynamic in your processes

With all the shutdowns and restarts over the past couple of years, businesses have been looking to make up for lost time by getting to grips with today’s unpredictable landscape.

Additionally, companies needed to evolve strategies and initiatives they had spent years refining.

For example, trade shows and networking events were banned, which led to an evolution in B2B marketing demands. This shift has left marketing teams under fire, expected to make a snap impact in uncharted waters. That’s a lot to ask.

Moreover, you must act quickly, and this requirement generates inevitable chaos and pressure.

So how fast can your marketing efforts really scale?

The current landscape calls for precision.

There is a need for speed, but going too fast does no one any favours. Without a doubt, finding this balance requires considering your available resources. Yet, all the resources in the world don’t make a difference if you lack a concrete foundation within your marketing team to get results quickly.

Businesses need to transform many aspects of their marketing, from messaging, to the app itself, to even handling industry-wide disruptions.

With these changes comes a specific problem.

Consider how long it took your business to develop initial marketing systems, goals, and initiatives over the past few years. Then think about the challenges of pivoting to something new. There is no way to avoid future knowledge gaps.

Sure. You will have your brainstorming concepts which are all very exciting.

Yet the journey from idea to execution can be vast and complicated. You can only complete this journey successfully by slowing things down and controlling the chaos.

Starting Small Controls The Chaos

The mistake many companies make is that they equate speed with increase. It’s just too overwhelming and can derail marketing teams.

Instead, as an agency, we often suggest clients try something new on a smaller scale, developing the process and learning as you go without stacking the stakes.

This way you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Your team can still move quickly to understand this new approach, but they would be faced with the chaos of what’s new in a much more controlled environment.

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