GT’s Living Foods Launches Begin Within Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign highlights brand’s mission to transform health from within

LOS ANGELES, May 5, 2022 – GT’s Living Foods – producer of the top-selling SYNERGY Raw Kombucha brand and authentic fermented live foods – today announced the launch of its Begin Within marketing campaign, designed to highlight the transformative power of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha . Featuring its first-ever major national advertising campaign spanning multiple marketing platforms, Begin Within will share the message that positive transformation of mind, body, and spirit begins with changes from within.

Inspired by the brand’s overall commitment to making the world a healthier place, the Begin Within campaign will communicate the key mental and physical benefits of SYNERGY Raw Kombucha, including: SYNERGY’s 9 billion live probiotics per bottle to support health intestinal, 100% organic and raw ingredients, authentic brewing practices for potency and its positive impact on energy and mental well-being.

“The power of true transformation lives within all of us – in our thoughts, perspectives and actions. With our Begin Within campaign, we seek to share the message that we have the power to spark the change we want in our lives. “, said GT Dave, Founder of GT’s Living Foods. “Our goal is to inspire small changes that have a big impact. mind and body, from within.

Throughout the 30-second spot, three people experience SYNERGY Raw Kombucha, which triggers a transformation from within that comes to life in the world around them. The advertisement is expected to appear on digital platforms from May 2022.

Beyond advertising, the campaign will come to life through several creative elements including ads, social media strategy, in-store point of sale, and more. Brand fundamentals are showcased throughout the campaign with bold pops of color and lotus architecture included in the creative elements.

GT’s Living Foods has been committed to authentic fermented foods since its inception in 1995, effectively revolutionizing the way people think and experience fermented foods in the Western world. Today, GT’s Living Foods have grown into a robust profile, including the brand’s COCOYO Living Coconut Yogurt, ALIVE Ancient Mushroom Elixirs, IMMORTAL Wellness Shots, and more. For more information, visit

About GT Live Foods

We believe that Mother Nature is the greatest healer in the world. Since 1995, GT’s Living Foods has revolutionized the way people think and feel about Kombucha and fermented foods in the western world. From the womb, founder GT Dave was raised a vegetarian and learned that food can be medicine. It continues to uphold this philosophy with consistently pure, potent, plant-derived fermented offerings produced in their most authentic form, never compromised. The family-owned, fiercely independent and operated company is available at more than 55,000 retailers in North America and Europe. Today and beyond, GT’s Living Foods primary goal is to spread the global message that food can be medicine and through good nutrition, one can heal oneself. For more information, please visit

William L. Hart