How 15 Love NFT built their marketing strategy around Wimbledon and its community

NFTs and cryptocurrency are often seen outside of the usual digital sphere. Running in parallel and maintaining their own rules and customs, they are important parts of the era known as Web3. Previously, Web2 offered users the ability to create and publish their own content on the Internet, which led to the widespread adoption of digital marketing. Social media platforms and brands have benefited from the ability to monetize user-generated content.

Fast forward a decade or two, and the user’s role in online content has gone even further. Many have realized the reality of bespoke advertising and corporate strategies and are looking to participate in the online business instead. Cryptocurrency and, more recently, NFTs have been at the forefront of this change, allowing users to own online assets. The way they are marketed also differs from corporate brands during Web2.

Today, traditional online marketing is falling out of favor with NFT project managers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. This shift is believed to be due to the decreasing value of social media advertising and increasing FUD (fear, uncertainty and demand) in communities. In its place, public relations fills the void. Web3 PR strategists are filling the space where social media algorithms once were. A key player is the brand new 15 Love NFT, which has notably placed public relations at the heart of its roadmap.

Sabrina Stocker, co-founder of the project, is also CEO of Metaverse Media, a company that improves Web3, blockchain and NFT using the press. He has led successful PR campaigns for existing tokens and now plays a pivotal role in the development of 15 Love. Blockchain PR experts have provided advice on how digital press strategies could chart a new course through the ‘Wild West’ of NFTs:

Stand out from the crowd

Typically, the different stages of commercializing NFT projects are Awareness, Consideration, Action, and Loyalty. It would be better to spend most of your NFT marketing budget on awareness because your audience doesn’t know you and your NFT project.

The NFT space is highly competitive, and with so many active projects, it’s essential to stand out in this rapidly growing industry. When people think of digital marketing campaigns, they think of social media ads. But the oversaturation has led to a decrease in audience engagement with traditional ads. Public relations is becoming the business differentiator in the global economy.

Six months ago, social media marketing might have been the optimal way to promote your NFT. But the world of NFTs is rapidly changing and PR is quickly becoming the best way to promote your project due to its underutilization and potential distinctive impact. In short, the development of NFT PR is still in its infancy, so take the leap now to maximize public interest.

Build trust with your consumer

Public relations has become the best way to get your NFT project out there, but it also builds credibility and trust. The average person is likely to believe that NFTs are scams, so public relations is essential. Even among industry insiders, FUD is a significant issue.

Additionally, PR campaigns can build your personal brand, bringing more confidence to the project and your persona. Strong teams, strong founders, and great brands are essential things people look for when buying NFT.

Use metaverse-oriented public relations

PR startups are no longer interested in working with ever-changing social media algorithms. They are cryptocurrency and NFT experts who are constantly innovating strategies to differentiate certain projects from others.

Stocker’s company, Metaverse Media, offers Web3-based digital PR services, including OpenSea verification, crypto matchmakers, and brand development. The launch of his new NFT tennis project and 15 Love launch pad at the Wimbledon-attached media carnival should benefit from metaverse-informed PR as the planned strategies highlight the utility on offer.

15 Love is an NFT project and launchpad that aims to bring tennis into the metaverse. Co-founders Sabrina Stocker and her brother Kyle plan to use public relations as the main source of marketing for the project, along with TV appearances and Sabrina’s brand. Launched at the 2022 Wimbledon Championships, the project plans to stand out from the crowd by using dedicated NFT PR to draw attention to its usefulness. For Web3 communities, these benefits set projects apart, which is why she thinks it’s essential to center a PR campaign around them.

William L. Hart