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Branded offerings will need to reflect and shape the new realities of consumer behavior. – WAM file photo

Businesses have shifted to digital marketing and witnessed an increase in online market spending in 2021.

Published: Sat, Jan 8, 2022, 11:20 PM

Last update: Sat 8 Jan 2022, 11:24 PM

The digital dynamic has caused everyone to rethink the innovation they need to adapt in 2022 to stay afloat in a fiercely competitive global market. What digital trends will satisfy consumer needs and what innovative solutions will ensure stable sales are what bothers stakeholders.

How do you define your target segment especially in the UAE? What marketing strategy will work? What budget are you ready to allocate given the impact of the pandemic which is still affecting businesses? Many questions like these are sure to surface. So how will brands balance when you need to optimize your resources and have a limited budget allocation for marketing and sales.

Businesses have shifted to digital marketing and witnessed an increase in online market spending in 2021. Digital advertising uses the internet to deliver marketing messages in different formats to internet users. This includes advertisements in search engine results pages (Search Advertising); advertising on social media networks in the form of, for example, sponsored posts (social media advertising); advertising banners (advertising banners); advertisements in video players (video advertising); and paid digital classifieds (Ads). Global revenue of $465.5 billion in 2021 is expected to reach $683.1 billion through 2026, according to Statista.

Ramesh Menon.

Ramesh Menon.

Ramesh Menon, CEO of Dubai-based brandform, said: “It is extremely important for brand owners to prioritize the refinement of their products and services. It’s time for unprecedented growth; and brands need to review their offerings to see how they can scale in size and volume, across all markets. Paying attention to this means consciously automating otherwise time-consuming processes. Automate notifications on your platform. Automate your marketing messages. Automate social media planning across all channels. Automate lead flow – which is reaching your customer with calls to action when they show interest online. Automate your analyzes in your CRM to follow up so you can react quickly. »

Menon says that by embedding automation and analytics as a discipline in digital marketing and management, brands can expect smart, prescriptive guidance, which leads to new innovations in product design. and services. “To put it simply, use current trends not only for short-term sales, but also to effectively create long-term value,” he added.

Kantar, the world’s leading data analytics and brand consultancy, reveals the trends and recalibrations at play in the global media industry and its expert predictions for this year. The top five areas likely to undergo transformation are video-on-demand (VoD) audience transparency; redesigning the commercial internet; the balance between performance media and marketing; new approaches to data; and reshaping Covid-era behaviors.

Branded offerings will need to reflect and shape the new realities of consumer behavior. Brands, products and services will need to meet new consumer needs for convenience, value, sustainability and innovation. Brands that invest – in data, knowledge, people and marketing – will thrive. The most successful brands will embrace the differences – diversity and complexity – of the audiences they seek to reach. This presents a great opportunity for brands to grow in this time of recovery: explore deeper segmentation and engage with communities beyond their existing audience.

Ritesh Mohan.

Ritesh Mohan.

Similarly, Ritesh Mohan, Author and Retail Expert, Founder of, said, “When a marketer is stuck and no ideas are being generated, the easiest solution is to spending advertising money to create visibility is like an automatic strategy. However, ad targeting will be more difficult for marketers in 2022. With the advent of the new IOS operating system, the cookie tracking that made ad targeting very effective in the past would no longer be possible. More and more consumers are concerned about their privacy, which poses challenges for digital marketers. »

Kantar believes advertisers still need to think very strategically about how to navigate and operate in this changing landscape.

Keerat Dhillon, Associate Director and Head of Media Effectiveness Measurement, Mena, for Kantar’s Insights Division, said, “The media landscape has always been dynamic, with the pandemic further fueling all changes. Digital consumption has increased massively and some new players have grown exponentially during this time. Content and context are now kings, so the key is to minimize intrusion while maximizing relevance to consumers. With clear evidence of the power of cross-media campaigns, customizing your creatives to each context and amplifying campaign coverage is key to generating maximum impact in the Middle East. —

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