Inside Stranger Things’ Marketing Strategy: How Netflix Created a Mix of Regionally Relevant Content

With Stranger Things returning for the 4th time, their marketing strategy saw regionally relevant content in markets like India, Indonesia, Ireland, and more. This was done on top of global reach through content created in typical Netflix style.

Netflix’s Stranger Things is one of the most expensive shows on the platform and according to media reports, for season 4 of the show, the creators invested $30 million per episode. With an investment as large as this, Netflix is ​​pulling out all the stops to keep the buzz around the new season going. The marketing strategy for Season 4 of Stranger Things is focused on geographically and regionally aligned content properties, recaps of previous seasons, and plenty of Hawkins research and memorization themes.

Here is an overview of the Stranger Things season 4 marketing strategy.

Announcement and teaser

After a long 2-year wait, Netflix has announced the return of its highly anticipated horror film, Stranger Things, in mid-2021, complete with little teasers. The short video showed snippets of the show’s main theme – the city, upside down, and more.

After the release of the teasers, their official social media saw posts related to previous seasons to keep the buzz around the upcoming season going and revive viewers’ memories.

Finally months after the initial announcement, the makers have dropped the full official trailer.

A foreign morning cartoon

In the same old style of Stranger Things, the creators chose a different path to reach the masses; this time drawing on animation.

To make the upcoming season more accessible and to make already-loved characters stand out, Netflix enlisted local cartoonists and artists to create direct-to-video animated shorts. Give ‘A Saturday Morning’ a twist and call it ‘A Stranger Morning’.

The films were renditions of popular scenes from the previous 3 seasons and varied in a number of animation styles. These one-minute videos saw a lot of traffic and the promotion of the new season also gave exposure to unknown artists.

Global reach

From the start, Stranger Things had a massive global reach. Following this already established trend, as always, Netflix has reached the masses around the world by releasing regional content.

From livestreaming on TikTok Indonesia, to taking Bollywood star Varun Dhawan to India for the weirdest interview ever, and putting up not-so-suspicious posters on the streets of the UK and Ireland; the manufacturers have done everything.

To promote the upcoming Tamil and Telugu dub of the season, Netflix made a promotional film starring music maestro Ilaiyarajaa.

To better reach Indian audiences, Netflix has also teamed up with influencer and actor Ayush Mehra and Yashaswini R Dayama, who took a walk in memory of Hawkins.

Brand collaborations

Not only within their chains, but manufacturers have also collaborated with brands.

By creating food and makeup with a touch of “Stranger Things”, the creators reached the audience in a unique way covering all aspects on a universal scale with limited edition products.

Generate anticipation

The official handful of “Stranger Things” and “Netflix” around the world continued to post anticipation, ranging from never-before-seen behind-the-scenes visuals to recaps of past seasons.

Mysterious events around the world

Along with the regular posts around the show’s release, the creators have shared a mysterious clue with a bunch of numbers and the name of the city at the bottom, dated May 26. The cities of the publication covered different parts of the world.

Following these mysterious coordinates, on the said date, 14 countries around the world saw the infamous “Upside Down” fault open, covering 15 landmarks, including the Empire State Building in New York, Bondi Beach in Australia and The Gateway of India in Mumbai to name a few.

Indian fans were able to savor “Stranger Night” with an illuminated city coastline and an equally illuminated “Gateway of India”. To show the series’ return, fans witnessed a larger-than-life display of popular scenes, characters and elements from the series projected onto the monument and creating India’s own “Upside Down”.

Along with this big reveal, the cast of the show shared their recap versions and for Indian audiences, Netflix also created a special Tamil version of the recap.

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Final details

Finally, after months of creating hype and content across the world in different languages ​​and genres, Netflix has finally announced the 2 volumes of the upcoming season with release dates and a special clip.

The OTT app shared the first 8 minutes of the show, creating more anticipation and buzz, giving users a chance to sample the product before investing time and money.

And after that they released the final trailer of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1, tying the last loose thread.


William L. Hart