McDonald’s Cactus Plant Flea Market Box Marketing Strategy

Of course, not all the attention has been positive. Jeremy Schneider, food and culture reporter for and The Star-Ledger, complained in a column that “if you go for real nostalgia, maybe don’t make the toy a bland partnership. and lifeless with a hypebeast fashion company”. — and a scary one to boot,” suggesting the channel could have used a Ninja Turtle comic book or toy that “would have turned millennium nostalgia up to 11.”, which covers gaming, ran a widely quoted story titled “McDonald’s Workers Beg People to Stop Ordering Adult Happy Meals” which cites Reddit threads in which workers discuss logistical challenges in responding. on demand.

Nation’s Restaurant News noted that the workers’ complaints highlight labor shortages in the industry, noting that “organizing efforts are increasing in the industry in part because employees feel understaffed. as they run buzzing promotions through more channels, like delivery and curbside.

McDonald’s said in a statement, “We had a feeling the Cactus Plant Flea Market Box would be great…and prior to launch, we prepared the team with training and resources in anticipation of increased restaurant traffic. . After only a few days, the excitement we are seeing from the fans is just amazing. Our catering team members are the best in the business and we appreciate all they do to serve customers during this limited time promotion.

But the negative press was offset by a high volume of positive and neutral media coverage, including from unexpected places, like Food&Wine, which covered the collaboration.

“You had a ton of impressions, a lot of media stories,” Restaurant Business magazine editor Jonathan Maze said in an interview. “From what I can see, not everything has been positive. But you still have a lot of people talking about it…and when you have a brand like McDonald’s that can get people talking about something, that’s probably a real positive.

He added: “You take existing products and add a toy and put it in a box and put a higher load on it than you otherwise would, so I would say that’s a success.”

William L. Hart