“Never copy and paste the marketing strategy”

Airasia’s restaurant brand, Santan, plans to expand into Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, alongside domestic expansions in Penang and East Malaysia, the New Strait Times reported. He is also looking at the UK and Australia “when the time is right”, NST said. Although airasia’s Santan general manager, Catherine Goh (pictured below right), did not elaborate on why these ASEAN markets were chosen, she said A+M that the team has observed a growing demand and trend for affordable Asian-inspired dishes and that once it has established a strong position in the region, it plans to expand its offerings beyond the ASEAN. As for the possibility of expanding into the UK and Australia, Goh said both would be excellent markets to expand into, as many of the airline’s passengers come from those countries.

Extensive market research is conducted extensively for each of Santan’s new innovations and offerings, including its expansion plan. What works for one product simply won’t work for another, and Goh said the team has never resorted to “cutting and pasting” a marketing strategy.

“We must first dig deep into the target market in the countries we want to enter, and from there develop a solid digital marketing plan as well as an offline marketing campaign that will cater to the audience we have in mind. “, she said. said. According to her, what AirAsia has is valuable consumer data, drawn from the 700 million passengers flying with the airline over two decades and more than 50 million registered users of the airasia Super App.

“This has played and continues to play a huge role in how we target the right consumer for the right product at virtually minimal cost and would be one of our strongest strategies when it comes to promoting Santan. as we expand regionally and globally,” she said. Explain.

Santan has grown from an in-flight and restaurant brand to a fast-food franchise, Goh said. Thus, its competitors are naturally other players in the fast food industry. However, a key differentiator for Santan is her ability and expertise to provide a menu offering that represents different countries and cultures, she said.

“For years before the Asian continent was introduced to the fast food world, the market was largely dominated by Western countries and much like how American fast food restaurants gave rise to the popularity of hamburgers, Santan made it their mission to do the same with our nasi lemak dish,” she explained Santan currently has 11 outlets in Klang Valley, including NU Sentral, IOI Mall Puchong, KL East Mall and Sunway Pyramid.

When it comes to meeting the needs of consumers within ASEAN and beyond, Goh said some factors he considers include customizing his signature Santan offerings to suit the taste buds of consumers. customers, for example his spicy sambal. It will also look at how to set a price range in a way that allows AirAsia to keep its meals affordable while ensuring its profitability.

Just yesterday, Santan unveiled his take-out packaging dubbed the “Nasi Lemak On-The-Go” for his signature dish. Designed especially for busy foodies, the pyramid-shaped Nasi Lemak On-The-Go comes with the same great taste and unique new packaging that allows customers to enjoy meals anytime, anywhere with ease and convenience. Just grab one on the go and enjoy a hot meal without having to eat on the spot.

While Goh declined to comment on the monetary investment behind the new packaging, she said the team had hired notable KOLs and was leveraging its social media as well as online and radio ads to market the new packaging. . “We’ve built an incredibly loyal fan base over the decades and the Santan brand speaks for itself. Many of our customers come from word of mouth referrals,” she explained.

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