New Croatian billboards capitalize on Elon Musk’s tweets in inventive marketing campaign | News

Subscription management company Revuto uses billboards in the Croatian capital of Zagreb to encourage people to take charge of their subscriptions

ZAGREB, Croatia, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — A subscription management startup in Zagreb tries to persuade people to take control of their subscriptions and only pay for great content by reminding them of a recent Elon Musk Tweeter.

In this April 19 Tweeter, Elon Musk said Netflix was losing subscribers because “the waking mind virus” was making it “unwatchable”. Four billboards that emerged on Thursday show photoshopped tweets from Elon Musk saying he’ll pay for everyone’s Netflix subscriptions until Netflix gets cool again.

The text reads: “Then I buy Revuto (the subscription management company) and make Netflix free until it gets cool again.”

Zeljko Hudoletnjak designed the campaign after Elon Musk took it to Twitter and called Netflix too “woke” following the streaming service’s poor results. Hudoletnjak also acknowledged the excitement around Twitter when the company announced it had agreed by Elon Musk $44 billion repurchase agreement.

With that in mind, Hudoletnjak wanted to help his longtime friend Vedran VukmanCEO of Revuto, to develop a marketing strategy and help Revuto find its voice among fintech giants.

“Whether you agree with Elon Musk or not, the bottom line is that we shouldn’t pay less than quality content and features that we actually use,” Hudoletnjak said.

The campaign will continue May 2022 to increase brand awareness. There are already over 100,000 downloads of the Revuto app, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The goal is to start shipping Revuto credit cards in September.

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