New marketing campaign for Honey Gold

HMango producer oney Gold Piñata Farms has launched a major marketing campaign encouraging Australian consumers to “trust” the expertise of the growers behind the brand.

The campaign will include billboards in high-traffic areas of Sydney and Melbourne ahead of the peak of the season later this month. It follows the launch of Honey Gold’s rebranding last season.

Honey Gold mangoes are currently produced in the Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia on Piñata’s own farms and those of around 30 contract growers.

“We’re asking consumers to ‘trust us, we grew it,'” Piñata Farms general manager Gavin Scurr said. “Our growers use the latest techniques and technologies combined with proven practices honed through years of experience to produce Honey Golds.

“We want consumers to know that our growers put a lot of dedication, love and care into producing fantastic tasting mangoes and are totally committed to excellence in everything they do throughout the chain. supply.

“They are ready to invest in the brand by expanding the plantations, putting in the latest equipment and they are eager to adopt the technology, if it improves the quality of our mangoes. »

The Australian Honey Gold harvest started in Darwin in early November. The Queensland harvest started in late December, with fruit due to be picked through March.

William L. Hart