NFT Marketing Strategy Case Studies: How Can It Positively Impact New Projects? | by Allyson Ray | June 2022

This blog talks about two case studies that highlight how NFT marketing strategy can have a positive impact on new NFT projects.

Non-fungible tokens had become mainstream since the NFT boom in 2021, when their market grew to a billion-dollar market within months. Some people say that the arrival of new creators, brands and famous people in the movement was the only reason for the NFT boom. But only very few can find that NFT Marketing Strategies executed to perfection have played their part in elevating the NFT boom to new heights.

Several NFT projects from little-known creators and small businesses have had their slice of the NFT boom pie due to the levels of perfection of the NFT marketing strategies they had employed. Now, there are specialized NFT marketing companies that offer creative NFT marketing services to anyone who approaches them. This blog talks about two case studies that highlight how NFT marketing can positively impact new NFT projects.

The Saints

Jhe the Saints is an NFT collection based on sacred characters found around the world, their usefulness being in a blockchain based gambling game to win. The NFT collection is hosted on the Polygon network, an eco-friendly blockchain. The collection also aims to form a DAO-based community, where the community decides everything in the game world.

The Holy Ones project had no community even two months before its launch and had a negligible social media presence. It was basically an NFT marketing campaign from scratch. The project chose a marketing partner who helped promote the project to a global audience.

“Web3 is to Web2 what Punk Rock is to DiscoMusic.” ― Simone Puerto

As a first step, the project chose some social media platforms on which they could advertise the collection. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Clubhouse were the selected social media platforms to market the NFT collection. The project’s social media marketing campaign was based on creative content that compelled not to hurt anyone’s beliefs because the subject of the collection was such. One of the facets of the creative content here was a tangible story that drew the audience into the project. The content also included NFT education, entertainment, subtle humor and community building messages.

The project has also collaborated with top NFT influencers on TikTok, Clubhouse, and Twitter Spaces to promote its collection. The Holy Ones Collection NFT drop has been massively promoted on social media through the use of sophisticated marketing tools.

Following an extensive marketing campaign, 3,333 NFT collectibles from the Holy Ones NFT collection were minted within a month of release with a trading volume of 6.7 ETH on OpenSea.

galactic gang

galaktic gang is an NFT collection based on spiritually inspired art emphasizing positive vibes and expressions. This collection was created by renowned Canadian Peruvian artist Chris Dyer, who saw non-fungible tokens as a chance to propel his art into the virtual world. As soon as Dyer learned that profits were becoming more important than art, the idea for the Galactic Gang NFT collection was born.

Although Dyer had the artistry, popular image and inner fire to make his project a success, an online presence with a strong website was a problem. So what did he do? He needed professionals who could help him design a website that would market the collection, and he was lucky to find the right ones.

galactic gang

Apart from the artwork, the Galaktic Gang NFT collection had nothing to call a Web3 project. This meant that the project needed a completely new website, integration of Web3 technology and a unique NFT marketing campaign. Everything went perfectly in the process, which can be felt by checking the official website of the Galaktic Gang NFT collection. The website was in line with the positive vibe the works provided, and the Web3 integration was successful with an effective minting platform.

Regarding the promotional part of the Galaktic Gang NFT collection, the social media presence was full of positivity with vibrant artworks full of colors, reflecting the nature of the collection. The marketing professionals who worked on the project also ensured that the very colorful advertisements were displayed seamlessly in different formats. They also ran community engagement campaigns across all platforms. One of the eye-catching ways they used was to create component emojis of the artwork on Discord as the project’s Discord community grew. The project has grown to have a community of over 10,000 users on Twitter and Discord, two of the popular platforms among NFT enthusiasts.

The result was a reflection of all these efforts as initial mint sales amounted to 432 ETH and secondary sales on OpenSea reached 1693 ETH. Over 5,000 NFTs from the collection have been sold to nearly 2,600 owners to date.

What should I do now?

The case studies above give us great insight into how NFT marketing tactics can build a business from scratch if used correctly. In the first case, a relatively unknown person NFT collection based on a sentimental subject has been promoted accordingly to build community. In the second case, a famous artist with a small web presence had to build the end user to display his NFT collection.

Either way, different NFT marketing agencies have helped their respective clients to use strategies that best matched their clients’ preferences to ensure the success of their businesses. If you also need similar proven marketing strategies to use to promote your business, there are a few NFT marketing companies that can help you build a community around your NFT project.

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