Nitches announces sales and marketing campaign to promote Miles Davis clothing line with Voodo Fé

LA VEGAS, August 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nitches Inc., (NICH) (the “Company”), which combines high technology with high-end fashion to create exclusive apparel lines and NFTs, today announced details of the plan sales and marketing campaign aimed at promoting its collaboration with renowned artist Voodo Fé on the Miles Davis collection. Voodo Fé has partnered with Nitches to produce the Legacy collection, which celebrates the life of a legendary musician. Nitches provides the manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment infrastructure to make Voodo Fé’s unique vision and designs a reality. Both parties will share all revenue equally

“Thanks to Voodo Fé, the launch of the Miles Davis clothing line will shake up the industry by showing how luxury streetwear and art can come together to capture the true spirit of a legend,” said John Morgan, CEO of Nitches. “The reaction to the garments has been so positive that we are already in discussions to create more collections from legacy brands.”

Voodo Fé’s experienced sales team is currently in talks with department stores and high-end boutiques around the world to sell the items. Additionally, online sales will take place on, the Miles Davis Estate website, other e-commerce sites and social media stores.

Voodo Fé also engages many top celebrities to wear and promote this incredible collection. It will also incorporate art into the campaign by painting “horns” in strategic locations across multiple cities to generate buzz on streetwear items that feature Miles Davis’ name and likeness. A photo shoot and an advertisement for the new clothing line are also in the works.

About Nitches Corporation

Nitches is a diversified technology and exclusive apparel company that combines high technology with high-end fashion to design luxury apparel and NFTs. We specialize in creating limited edition sports and streetwear apparel and accessories that are durable, authentic and exclusive. We collaborate with fashion-forward influencers and celebrities to create capsule collections that reflect their vision and brand. We develop innovative technology to protect our intellectual property and prevent counterfeiting. Nitches strives for creativity, excellence and value in everything we do for our people, customers and stakeholders.

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