OCP Academy and CIMAGE collaborated for a workshop on digital marketing strategy

Since ancient times, Bihar has lit up for knowledge and wisdom across the world. To continue the intellectual heritage of Bihar and bridge the gap between the digital divide and digital illiteracy among the youth of Bihar, OCP Academy hosted a “6 Days Digital Marketing Strategy Workshop” in collaboration with CIMAGE Group of CollegesPatna.

The workshop takes place from May 9, 2022 – to May 14, 2022by a famous Director Pranjal Singh. The workshop includes 6 days of in-depth sessions and hands-on practice. This workshop focuses on future learning and digital marketing strategies for students aspiring to jobs in digital marketing.

The key session will be hosted by more than 30 faculties and CEOs, Doctors, Professionals, Scientists, ISRO, Patna High Court Lawyer, Samsung, Sony, Apple, etc., from Google, Shopify, Ola, Siyaram and many top brands globally. All are certified digital marketers from Google, Meta Blueprint, MSN, Hootsuite, etc. also have an experience of more than 10 years in the field of digital marketing.

During the workshop, Mr. Pranjal Singh told the students, who joined online and offline, “This high-impact program, which has a strong focus on analytics-based digital marketing strategy, will teach you increase campaign ROI if you are: Whether you are an entry-level professional, mid-to-senior manager, consultant, business leader, or entrepreneur, this training will benefit you.”

The aim is to make India an entrepreneur, a “India is the second most populous country in the world, with 1.3 billion people (as of July 2017). Every minute, many opportunities are created for people. When we talk about digital marketing, it is important to emphasize that the future of digital marketing in India and the scope of digital marketing in the future is likely to become clearer in the coming years.” Pranjal Singh.

“He also said that despite many challenges in integrating valuable resources for this institution, such as hiring the best faculties, developing AI tools, installing user-friendly simulators, contacting quality experts, etc. He was able to establish OCP Academy with his determination and visionary efforts. “

Mr. Niraj Agrawal, Director of CIMAGE, is very enthusiastic about this workshop as he is known for his contributions and efforts for the youth of Bihar. He has been guiding students for more than 10 years in the field of IT and future learning at Cimage. He always encourages students for their innovative ideas and efforts. Thus, he linked CIMAGE to OCP Academy to integrate his vision with young people.

OCP Academy is the first certified training provider in India and the first premium EdTech platform for marketing. A new approach to allow you to continue to learn, develop, practice, do internships, compete and be placed. A unique learning experience that develops the competence and competitiveness of each student. We work with businesses and individuals to meet their specific needs, providing training and coaching to help working professionals, homemakers, entrepreneurs and students achieve their professional goals.

Many students enjoyed this workshop enthusiastically and created several memes dedicated to Pranjal Singh, as he is the son of this soil (Bihar). Students left no chance to follow him on social media by trending tagging him #OCPAcademycimageWorkshops & #OCPAcademyWorkshops.

One of the most important reasons for gaining a huge fanbase by Pranjal; he moved the workshop forward in a way that a student who doesn’t have a clue about digital marketing. At present, more than 800 Cimage students and more than 1000 students who have joined Online want to pursue their future in this field.

Pranjal realized memorable moments from this amazing workshop. He told the media that it was the first such workshop in Bihar. He has done many workshops in the corporate world and in different parts of this country like Rajasthan, MP, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. and many big companies. Despite his busy schedule, Pranjal organized and took several sessions in the workshop, as he is too connected to Bihar. Thus, he carries the scent of this soil by incorporating his vision of making Bihar a Digital Marketing Center in India and around the world. The slogan of Pranjal “Badalta Bihar, Badhta Bihar and Naya Bihar” became a mantra of his vision. During this conversation, Pranjal Singh also said that he wanted to see Bihar as a “Bihar Entrepreneur” by 2030.

Pranjal Singh has this statement, and he also thinks that today more and more people are looking for different kind of professions or jobs. Yet in the coming years, digital marketing will change the future of Bihar and witness a huge increase in youth entrepreneurship by 2030. And with this effort, Bihar will have a new name, identity and will be called “Entrepreneurs ka Bihar” (State of Entrepreneurs). With this, he completed this workshop, and he was also honored; it was highly regarded and drew much love and enchanting fragrance from its soil.

William L. Hart