ONErpm Unveils New Marketing Campaign Management Feature, Amplify

ONerpm has unveiled its new proprietary marketing campaign management system, Amplifier, which provides on-demand insights and transparency into creator marketing campaigns and associated costs executed by ONerpm’s marketing and promotional teams worldwide.

Through Amplifier, artists can see what initiatives their ONErpm marketing teams are executing, and ONErpm, in turn, can also assign artists to tasks they access in their dashboard, ensuring that all parties are on equal footing. waves when they work together.

Amplifier also provides artists and label partners with comprehensive access to real-time, detailed statistics on the daily impact of promotional initiatives on their streaming numbers. This unprecedented access, combined with detailed, real-time business intelligence data, gives creators the autonomy to better manage and understand their day-to-day marketing needs, build on current campaigns, and improve future launch strategies. With Amplifier, ONErpm hopes to set a new industry standard for ethics in transparency and accountability in marketing and holding labels and service providers accountable.

“We believe transparency is one of the keys to an artist’s success,” says CEO Emmanuel Zunz. “Information is power, and while Amplifier initially helped our teams better manage their workflow, this new iteration is much more robust and results-driven as it allows us to better collaborate with our clients, while giving them powerful insights into the work we do here at ONErpm, and the corresponding impact on their business.

Amplifier is also available to the many DIYers of ONErpm in a simplified form with 29 specific tasks designed for a step-by-step approach. Since the launch of the Amplifier beta, over 35,000 DIY campaigns have been created and completed, showing that DIY builds on Amplifier have outperformed non-Amplifier ones by an average of 129% in streams over the course of of the month of September. Future versions of Amplifier for the DIY level will incorporate AI and machine learning to provide a more personalized experience.

In 2020, ONErpm created the first version of its content management system and has since run over 35,000 campaigns on behalf of artists and labels around the world.

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