Question: What Is Another Word For Not Legible?

What is the root word of legible?

Legible describes readable print or handwriting.

Legible goes back to the Latin word legibilis, meaning “that can be read.” If you can read someone’s handwriting, it is legible.

The person might not have perfect penmanship, but if you decipher the letters, the writing is legible..

What does it mean to be beyond the pale?

“Beyond the pale” then became a colloquial phrase meaning “outside the limits of acceptable behavior or judgment.”

What is another word for legible?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for legible, like: neat, readable, clear, discernible, recognizable, illegible, apparent, decipherable, distinct, understandable and unreadable.

Is inexistent a word?

adjective. not existent; having no existence; nonexistent.

How do you use illegible in a sentence?

Illegible sentence examplesThe inscription was partly illegible. … Two words are almost illegible, and the angular print slants in every direction. … A text may become illegible through damp or constant thumbing; portions of it may be torn away; if it is in book form, leaves or whole quires may be detached and either lost or misplaced.More items…

What does neatly mean?

Doing something neatly means doing it in a tidy or orderly way. When you make your bed neatly, you tuck in the sheets and fold back the comforter. You can put your hair in a sloppy ponytail, or you can pull it back neatly.

What does reversibly mean?

1. reversibly – in a reversible manner; “reversibly convertible” chemical science, chemistry – the science of matter; the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of substances and their properties and reactions.

Is unaccepted a word?

You can’t unaccept unless the person gives you that option. A new verb is required as a new action is in place.

What is the word for not legible?

: not legible : indecipherable illegible writing.

What is the opposite of valor?

What is the opposite of valor?cowardicecowardlinesspusillanimousnesshelplessnesslazinessapathycold-feetfrightdiffidencedoubt32 more rows

What is the word for not existing?

Adjective. No longer alive. dead. departed.

What is the opposite of existing?

What are the antonyms for EXISTING? past, kaput, lost, inactive, spiritless, destroyed, absent, exterminated, inert, departed, future, idle, inanimate, dull, deceased, lifeless, nonextant, dispirited, nonexistent.

What is the opposite of pompous?

pompous(adjective) Antonyms: self-effacing, humble, modest.

What is the difference between legible and readable?

The difference between Legible and Readable When used as adjectives, legible means being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting, whereas readable means legible, possible to read or at least decipher. Legible as an adjective: Being clear enough to be read, readable, particularly for handwriting.

What is another word for not acceptable?

What is another word for not acceptable?unacceptablebelow pardeplorabledispleasinginadequatedisgracefuldistastefulobnoxiousunsuitableinsupportable85 more rows

What is the opposite of illegible?

not legible. “illegible handwriting” Antonyms: legible, fair, clean, readable, decipherable, clear.

What is legible signature?

Legible script, illegible signature: the writer feels what is said is of more importance than his or her true identity, and is hiding his or her true self. … Illegible script, legible signature: greater importance placed on the writer’s name than on what they actually say.

What’s the meaning of dwindling?

to become smaller and smaller; shrink; waste away: His vast fortune has dwindled away. to fall away, as in quality; degenerate.

Is impermissible a word?

adjective. not permissible or allowable; unallowable.

What means legible?

adjective. capable of being read or deciphered, especially with ease, as writing or printing; easily readable. capable of being discerned or distinguished: Anger was legible in his looks and behavior.

What does zilch mean?

Meaning of zilch in English nothing; none; no: “How many points did you score?” “Zilch.” Synonyms. nil.