Question: Which Is Better Amity Or SRM?

Is SRM worth the money?

Yes, it is worth taking admission in SRM University.

The infrastructure is amazing.

The faculty is very supportive.

They guide you regarding the research work..

Is there ragging in SRM?

CHENNAI: Five students of SRM University were brutally attacked by at least 30 seniors in two separate incidents for allegedly resisting ragging. The management, however, mentioned only one attack and claimed it was “not ragging”.

How bad is VIT Vellore?

VIT is a good place, especially Vellore and CSE and ECE specifically. … In CSE and ECE, 6–7 lpa is what you can get being constant with your performance, learning and improving, very easily. However, if you work really hard, 10–20 lpa is no far. Highest package is around 25 lpa.

Is VIT Vellore worth?

Vit(vellore) is a good university and for ece it is worth. It has best facilities like labs and all but the category 5 fee is 3.95 lakh per annum deducted with scholarship.

Are SRM placements good?

Placements: There is no doubt that SRM has the best placements. They bring a number of companies. In my course, almost 92-95% of the students got placed. Before sitting for placements they have arranged a placement training by FACE for 1 month period and it was really helpful for the core department students.

Is Amity blacklisted?

Many companies have blacklisted amity itself. Even UGC used to count amity in fake university until they paid heavy salary to politicans . The person who has created amity is an criminal himself , he has excelent record of doing fraud not only in india but abroad (germany police is after him).

What is SRM ranking?

Rankings. The QS World University Rankings ranked SRM Institute of Science and Technology 301–350 in Asia in 2020. SRM Institute of Science and Technology ranked 29 among engineering colleges in India by India Today in 2020.

Is SRM costly?

An average bachelor’s’ degree at SRM Institute or SRM BTech fees can cost up to INR 4.5 lakhs and can last between three to five years. … A master’s degree, on the other hand, SRM University fees are almost INR 3.08 lakhs on cumulation. This can be broken down into INR 1.54 lakhs, per year or INR 77,000, per semester.

What is the fee structure of SRM?

SRM University, Chennai Fee Structure and List of Courses SummaryCourseDurationFeesBachelor of Commerce [B.Com]3 year(s)2,02,500Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] {Hons.}3 year(s)3,75,000Master of Commerce [M.Com]2 year(s)60,000Bachelor of Science [B.Sc]4 year(s)3,00,00044 more rows

Does SRM accept JEE Main score?

No, SRM does not take admission based on the JEE mains marks. … However, you can write the entrance exam for SRM and you can get admission into it. The exam that SRM conducts is SRMJEE. It is a computer based exam and all questions are multiple choice.

Is SRM a Tier 1 college?

There are 3 tiers of college. SRM University Kattankulathur Campus is a 2 Tier college. It is tier 3 college but highest fee.

Is there any ragging in Vit?

It is ragging free campus . You no need worry about it. There is no ragging don’t worry strict rules severe action for such cases. we will not be aware of who is senior or junior as it is ffcs system over there.

Is SRM good for CSE?

in Computer Science and Engineering at SRM IST Chennai: Placements, Fees, Admission & Eligibility….B. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering atSRM IST Chennai , Kattankulathur.AccreditedNAAC ‘A++’ GradeRankingRank #3 by Times 2020+3 more5 more rows

Which SRM is best for CSE?

which is the best campus for srm university for CSE?? Hi, Chennai campus of SRM is the main campus and to get selected in this you will have you attain a rank within 10000 for CSE branch. All the best.

Which is better Vit or SRM?

In this regard, VIT has a slight advantage over SRM. … The latest was with close to 8000 job offers made to VIT students by Accenture, Wipro, TCS and Infosys. Once SRM University breaks all the record when a total of 6064 students were placed on Day-one by Major IT Companies making Placement of SRM out of the Box.

Which is the best SRM?

Today India have great educational development in various fields. If we talk best engineering university in north india then there SRM is the best engineering university….Top Private University:Rank1College NameSRM more columns

Which is the No 1 University in India?

1. Indian Institute of Science. Founded in Bangalore in the south-western state of Karnataka in 1909, the Indian Institute of Science is one of the highest regarded Indian institutions.

Is SRM exam easy?

Yes definitely it is very easy to crack SRMJEEE engineering entrance exam if you are prepared well for jee mains entrance exam. You need to have a lot of practice in order to score high marks in this exam. Prepare from NCERT books and solve previous year’s questions.

Is Amity a good university?

It is a very good college because of teachers, good infrastructure and good placements in 2020. Placements: About 80% of the students got placed from our course in campus placements.

Why is SRM bad?

Extra Info: Srm has an intake of over 12000 students an year and it is ridiculous If u believe that everyone will be placed….Reviews by Students.GOOD PointsBAD PointsIt adds fake status They did not search uch about institutions They do not want to studyLow grade education Highly expensive Not AICTE approved2 more rows

Which campus of Amity is best?

Amity University Noida HighlightsYear of establishment2005Campus size1,000 acreInstitute typePrivateRankings (2020)- 21 for Pharmacy by NIRF – 32 for Engineering by NIRF – 41 for MBA by NIRFCampuses11 (Noida, Greater Noida, Lucknow, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Gwalior, Mumbai, Raipur, Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna)8 more rows•Sep 28, 2020