Quick Answer: What Is The Longest Hunger Strike Ever?

How long did the hunger strike last?

Participants who died on hunger strikeNameParamilitary affiliationLength of strikeBobby SandsIRA66 daysFrancis HughesIRA59 daysRaymond McCreeshIRA61 daysPatsy O’HaraINLA61 days6 more rows.

How long was Gandhi’s longest hunger strike?

21 daysMohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma Gandhi or The Father of the Nation in India, undertook 18 fasts during India’s freedom movement. His longest fasts lasted 21 days.

Who was the first hunger striker to die in 1981?

The first to die, Bobby Sands, was elected as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom during his hunger strike.

What did Gandhi drink while fasting?

The Mahatma had perfected a routine for long fasts. Before going on one, he would have lemon juice and honey with warm water. He would keep having water, occasionally with salt or lemon juice, through the day, no matter how nauseous or weak he felt.

Furthermore, many nations, including the United States, have adopted laws guaranteeing citizens the right to refuse medical treatment (including the right to refuse food and water) as a logical corollary to the “right to health,” thus paving the way for legal protections for the hunger-striking detainee.

Has anyone died from a hunger strike?

Two men, Denny Barry and Andrew O’Sullivan, died on the strike. … Michael Gaughan died after being force-fed in Parkhurst Prison in 1974. Frank Stagg, an IRA member being held in Wakefield Prison, died in 1976 after a 62-day hunger strike which he began as a campaign to be repatriated to Ireland.