What Is A Word For Life Changing?

What is a word for no change?

A period or state of inactivity.





How would you describe a life changing moment?

Life-changing Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for life-changing?life-alteringfar-reachingimportantweightymajorconsequentialof momentof significanceextensiveof consequence35 more rows

What is a word for sudden change?

Synonyms for Sudden change:n. •sea change (noun) metamorphosis, conversion, transfiguration, upheaval, transformation, quantum leap.Other synonyms: • n. quantum jump, sea change, break with past, radical change, break with the past, marked transformation, revolutionary change, total change. • Other relevant words: life-changing.

What is another word for life long?

Find another word for lifelong. In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for lifelong, like: livelong, permanent, ephemeral, short-lived, tenuous, temporary, womb-to-tomb, lifetime and enduring.

What do you call a person who changes your life?

You can consider the phrases great mind or creative genius. These terms are often associated with people who changed the world. … Also related is an innovator but it might not convey the idea by itself, so you can consider the phrase world-changing innovator.

What is the meaning of life changing?

having an effect that is strong enough to change someone’s life: a life-changing decision/moment.

Is life changing one word?

Lifechanging definitions Having a significant effect on the course of one’s life.

What is another word for constantly changing?

What is another word for constantly changing?continuously changingever-changingever-shiftingcapriciouschangeableerraticfluctuatingmercurialquicksilverunstable1 more row

What does consequential mean?

adjective. following as an effect, result, or outcome; resultant; consequent. following as a logical conclusion or inference; logically consistent. of consequence or importance: a consequential man in his field.

What is a fancy word for change?

development, advance, adjustment, diversity, shift, transition, variation, switch, revolution, reversal, innovation, modification, difference, transformation, revision, turnaround, evolve, reduce, resolve, reform.

What are some examples of life changing experiences?

Here are 10 Awesome Experiences That Will Change Your Life Forever.Starting Over. Image via Complex Original. One of the hardest things to do in life is to make the decision to start over. … Protesting. Image via Complex Original. Protesting can take many forms. … Conquering a Fear. Image via Complex Original.