What Is Dental Code D9310?

What is dental Code d3320?


Endodontic therapy, bicuspid tooth (excluding final restoration) D3330.

Endodontic therapy, molar (excluding final restoration).

What are dental procedure codes?

The CDT dental code is a set of procedural codes for oral health and dentistry. Each procedural code is an alphanumeric code beginning with the letter “D” (the procedure code) and followed by four numbers (the nomenclature). It also includes written descriptions for some of the procedural codes.

What is dental Code d4346?

All rights reserved. The full CDT Code entry – D4346 scaling in presence of generalized moderate or severe gingival. inflammation – full mouth, after oral evaluation.

What is dental Code d9110?

D9110 palliative (emergency) treatment of dental pain – minor procedure. This is typically reported on a per-visit basis for emergency treatment of dental pain. CDT 2011-2012. The palliative treatment code may be one of the least understood and least used procedure codes in dentistry.

What is dental Code d3330?

D3330. endodontic therapy, molar (excluding final restoration) D3331. treatment of root canal obstruction; non-surgical access.