Social media marketing strategy is a must for over $225 billion in exports

Social media marketing strategy is a must for over $225 billion in exports

Turkey signed an export of 2021 billion dollars in 225.5. The short-term goal is $500 billion, and to that end, companies that carve out the lion’s share of exports have ramped up their social media marketing efforts, of which 4.5 billion people are members. . New businesses that want more e-commerce and e-export share are also trying to increase their visibility on social media. Digital Exchange’s social media marketing team offers brands some golden advice in this regard. Saying, “Working with professional teams while doing social media marketing work, promotes the brand, increases sales of the product and service, increases the positive perception of the company among customers”, the Digital Exchange team has made a series of recommendations for brands.

The scanning speed is increasing day by day. While campaigns have recently been organized for the generalization of the Internet in the world, the impact of social media on the economy is today the number one point on the agenda, according to the developments of e- trade and e-export. Social media usage, of which 4.5 billion people are members, is 100 out of 70.8 people with internet access in Turkey. Nearly 2021% of the promotion budget in 70 was directed to digital areas, namely internet campaigns.

According to research; 81% of consumers in Turkey determine their preferences by watching social media ads before shopping and choosing a vacation destination. Digital Exchange’s team of experts, who carry out social media influencer marketing work in 126 countries, offer brands the opportunity to promote and sell their products and services, as well as their new customers. kazan provided important information for their campaigns. According to Digital Exchange’s social media campaign team, brands tend to seize every opportunity to participate in social media, which they were previously aloof from. Commenting on “This approach is very valuable and important”, the Digital Exchange team said:

Towards a professional marketing brand Kazannaging

“It is very important to do a good study of social media. Ordinary and ill-thought-out, unstudied marketing work kazanThat will bring problems instead. Therefore, to engage in a correct marketing activity,

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales of products and services
  • Emphasize preference over competing brands
  • Export-oriented customers with campaigns abroad KazanWhile providing maximum point benefits, campaigns should be organized by expert teams. Otherwise, a social media campaign aimed at a poorly targeted audience will give the brand,
  • the budget spent
  • Customer-focused company reputation
  • He loses the perception of the quality of products and services.

There is an upward trend over the past two years

Stating that brands’ marketing interest in social media has been on the rise for the past two years alongside increased digitalization during epidemic times, the Digital Exchange team said: “Because social media is the tool to promote companies or individuals in the digital world, brands have been attaching great importance to this issue for 2 years. Because for some brands, social networks were a medium that was reduced to a simple “I must post”. not too important. Today, with 4.5 billion social media users, brands have started to use this area very well. There are even brands unraveling the customer service experience here. For this reason , each brand must express itself well on social networks with its audience and its target.

We must turn to the most spoken languages

Stating that Turkey’s exports have increased to 225.5 billion USD and the e-commerce and e-export ecosystem is growing rapidly towards 500 billion TL, the Digital Exchange team pointed out that it is vital for brands to expand overseas. The following information was given by the team: “Social media is a medium where the whole world comes together globally. Although there is influencer marketing, it is not necessary to make the campaign only in Turkish. They should also share in Russian, German and even Spanish, whose universal language is English, so that they can benefit from the great potential.

Knowing your needs is very important

Emrah Pamuk, CEO of Digital Exchange, said brands’ professional social media management gives them great benefits. Explaining that as a Digital Exchange they manage the global accounts of a major menswear brand, Pamuk said, “Today we are launching another campaign for the brand as a ‘brand of love’. in Turkey and the United States. Because every customer is different. We produce completely different projects for a retail business from Russia to Iraq. The important thing is to know the target audience and the needs, and to manage social media in a professional manner.

Metaverse buy days are coming

Pamuk said the technology is changing very quickly and said, “Social media accounts are becoming a kind of marketplace. We see it on Wechat and TikTok. We will soon find ourselves shopping in Metavarse,” he said.

William L. Hart