Supporting content marketing strategy with offline media is the only way to stand out: Asif Upadhye of SPRD

A digital-centric media landscape has paved the way for brands to create and distribute content across a multitude of platforms in the format of their choice. But the potential benefits of combining offline efforts with an online strategy still remain largely untapped.

Asif Upadhye, director of SPRD (the PR, digital and communications consultancy), told BuzzInContent that supporting the content marketing strategy with a few well-placed offline materials is the only way to really stand out from the crowd. .

“While it may seem instinctive to channel your energy into digital marketing, direct techniques such as billboards, catalogs and pop-up experiences go a long way in creating memories and stories that stick. Although physical space has been mostly left to advertisers for as long as anyone can remember, supporting your content marketing strategy with a few well-placed offline materials is the only way to truly stand out from the crowd,” said he declared.

He thinks one of the main reasons content marketing could be a one-stop solution in 2022 is that it’s proven to create clear goals to connect a brand with its customers.

Sharing more insights into the changing space, he said using data to understand shopper preferences and adapting to trends helps brands craft a more sophisticated approach to communication that is exciting and , above all, engaging.

“Over time, we’ve seen brands embrace more interactive content in their campaigns by inviting their target audience to actively participate in the same. Trend-wise, the content marketing sphere has been pretty consistent in its upward trajectory. However, the scope of growth associated with SEO will be key to driving organic traffic. Basically, what really matters is how an agency will continue to scale and diversify its strategies to create multiple touchpoints. contact for meaningful content,” he added.

2021 has seen industries adapt to shifts in consumer behavior and refine their approach at a time when almost all marketing was digital.

With the evolution of social media and online culture, he said up to 43% of marketers have experienced an increase in their content marketing budgets. Citing the Forrester report, he pointed out that 92% of marketers have seen a marked increase in one-to-one marketing, with brands using agencies to help them strategize and diversify their communication.

According to CMI’s B2B Marketing Report, paid media, video, owned media assets, digital and real-world events are the top areas for content marketing investment in 2022. This exciting shift in content Branding is expected to grow more than 9% in 2022 with continued growth in business support for content marketing, he added.

He predicts that brands will increase their spending on content marketing agencies over the next year.

“They will increase their ad spend because it’s the smartest and fastest way to get your brand out there. Digital penetration is already growing at a rapid rate and investing in content agencies that cater exclusively to branded content will only help to amplify a brand’s visibility. 2020 was a time to see how things are going and plan for the future. 2021 was to execute what was in store. 2022 will be about pulling out all the stops and to bring businesses back to where they have thrived,” he said.

However, he suggested marketers go beyond the industry standard metrics of likes and shares to get an accurate measure of ROI.

He said, “While social media engagement (likes/shares/comments) helps you know if your content marketing efforts are actually paying off, you need to be prepared to go beyond these. metrics to get an accurate measure of your ROI. For example, if the goal of a content marketing campaign is to create brand awareness, you can track things like exposure and authority, SEO, website traffic, media impressions and the number of media placements. A smart combination of these elements gives marketers a holistic understanding of the impact of their content marketing strategy or a brand’s ROI. »

The pandemic has affected businesses around the world, but one of the greatest benefits of being online is being prepared to survive. Media as a field is volatile, dynamic, and over the past two years, online presence has only grown.

Upadhye shared that the agency’s business has been steady and slowly growing. As a digital agency, SPRD already offers a diverse range of services, from influencer marketing to reputation and crisis management, content strategy and storytelling, among others.

In the coming year, instead of adding new services, it will aim to expand its existing business.

In terms of clientele, he said, “a 100% increase would be a great goal to achieve and a utopian situation too! So, I would say, at least 50%.”

When asked if the agency’s approach to content strategy has also changed to develop profitable content for the business, Upadhye said, “As an organization, we have always prided ourselves on provide quality above all else. We strongly believe that content strategies should be personalized with what the business needs in mind, not what it can afford. In an attempt to be cost effective, we would not compromise our expertise in developing impactful and impactful content. Storytelling has always been our forte and spreading the good word is what we pride ourselves on. »

William L. Hart