Symboliq Media Announces Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Service Offerings

Symboliq Media, a marketing and design agency from St. Charles, IL, announced a partnership with brands to build strategic omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Symboliq Media has been working with brands to create a convenient and seamless user experience for consumers since 2011. The marketing team is now going a step further and offering omnichannel marketing services for a highly personalized user experience.

An omnichannel strategy is a cohesive, integrated approach to marketing, selling, and fulfilling orders across multiple channels, whether brick-and-mortar stores or e-commerce websites. An omnichannel strategy aims to provide a consistent and unified customer experience, wherever consumers are.

“Symboliq’s omnichannel service offerings can use data collected from interactions to better understand customer behavior and preferences and adjust their marketing and merchandising strategies accordingly,” says Randy Blakeslee, co-founder of Symboliq Media. . “It allows businesses to build a strategic digital presence that can increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and drive sales.”

Symboliq provides initial strategic consultation to understand each client’s unique goals and expectations before using the knowledge and expertise to guide brand decisions and omnichannel direction.

Next, Symboliq uses a variety of marketing platforms to help brands reach new consumers and audience segments, including:
OTT Advertising: commercial short videos that play during streaming apps.
Geofencing: collect location data that triggers actions based on when a person enters or exits a certain location, building, or home.
Advertising on social networks: strongly target your audience with specific customer demographics and psychographics.
Publication on social networks: engaging content that speaks to your audience and drives results.
Social Media Boosts: increase the visibility of a message, making it more likely to be seen by targeted prospects or customers.
Video: lead generation campaigns that aim to tell your story.
Programmatic advertising: Tactics range from geo-fencing and keyword context to CRM and site retargeting.

In early 2022, Symboliq Media worked with The Lady of Heaven, a Cannes Film Festival award-winning film, to launch the screening of the film in the United States. Symboliq implemented a holistic and comprehensive omnichannel strategy that positioned them for success using both online and offline marketing tactics. The campaign resulted in increased awareness, return on investment and more theater seats being filled.

The campaign ran for 30 days, generating 7 million overall omnichannel impressions, an Instagram growth rate of 1,511%, and 1.14 million social media ad impressions, with movie trailers growing 96% completion.

Offline, Symboliq helped distribute more than 50 billboards nationwide to attract viewers and set up a merchandising store where consumers could purchase clothing and movie merchandise.

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