Taylor Swift’s marketing strategy for “Midnights”

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There’s no doubt the Swifties are sleep deprived today after spending the night listening Midnights, the 10th original studio album by Taylor Swift released at… midnight. But in this newsletter, we’re less focused on the music and more impressed with its ornate, puzzle-driven marketing strategies for album releases, which could be case studies for even the most seasoned CMOs.

In the lead up to Swift’s most recent album releases, she’s posted LOTS of cryptic messages for TikTok sleuths to crack. Before dropping his re-recorded album Fearless (Taylor version) in 2021, Swift tweeted a video of a safe opening to reveal letters that fans could decipher to find track names.

In promotion MidnightsSwift continued to urge her superfans to look deeper and find the hidden meaning behind seemingly every emoji.

  • She garnered over 74 million views on 13 individual TikToks where she pulled out a bingo ball to reveal a track name on her new album.
  • And she announced that the four separate vinyl editions of the new album can be put together to form a clock, so diehard Swifties can buy them all (which cost $30 each) and a $49 kit to turn the albums into a functional wall clock.

Keep combing these posts: Swift told The Washington Post that she loves hiding updates in elaborate puzzles for her audience, saying, “As long as they find it fun and exciting, I’ll keep doing it.”

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William L. Hart