The 5 Marketing Skills Employers Need Right Now

Marketing jobs are a big trend, according to LinkedIn.

The enterprise network platform recently released a report and this handy infographic showcasing marketing job trends that emerged between the start of stay-at-home orders (March 30, 2020) and the six-month period immediately following. As the pandemic has spurred the shift to virtual jobs, these five marketing roles have been most touted by employers:

  1. Digital Marketing Specialist

  2. digital account manager

  3. Social Media Manager

  4. Digital Marketing Manager

  5. Editor

And here are the five most in-demand skills:

  1. instagram

  2. Content Marketing

  3. creative problem solving

  4. Brand awareness

  5. Branding

As managing partner of a full-service content marketing companyI was fascinated (and thrilled) to see social media, paid search strategy, SEO, and content marketing among the top skills sought by employers.

While many brands have been expanding their e-commerce presence for some time, the overnight change in our lifestyles caused by Covid-19 has driven online customers to a bigger surge than anyone else had. foreseen. Before the pandemic, Google search traffic hovered around 3.6 billion searches per day. But since March 2020, it has averaged around 6 billion a day. People are online, and that’s where marketers need to be, too.

If you’re an employer trying to hire marketers for your team right now, the competition for talent is fierce. You might be wondering how can we compete with all the other job postings to attract the best marketers with these in-demand skills?

Two ways. You can work with a business like mine to complete your team as you evolve. And you can make these important changes to set yourself apart from the competition.

Create an employee-centric work culture

Happy employees are more engaged, more productive, less likely to leave, and highly likely to recommend your company. In the age of social media, especially on professional platforms like LinkedIn that are designed for networking, it’s easy for potential employees to reach out and ask your current employees how they like their jobs. Candidates can also easily view employee reviews, whether positive or negative, on sites such as Glass door.

What are your current employees going to tell them? That the work-life balance is atrocious? Or will they list all the perks you offer and mention how happy they are to work at your company?

Clarify your company’s mission and values ​​(and stick to them)

You are looking for talented employees. But don’t forget that these potential employees are also looking at your company to assess whether or not they feel like they belong. This is where your mission and values ​​can make or break a deal if you want to convince them.

Foster opportunities for growth and education

If you want to attract and retain talented and dedicated employees, your company’s goals must go hand in hand with your employees’ personal career goals. New employees are 30 times more likely to join your team if they see opportunities to accelerate their career with your company. At Masthead, we not only encourage our employees to enroll in courses that allow them to grow professionally, but we also pay them. In recent years, we have also created our own courses which are available free of charge to our employees and anyone who collaborates with our company (freelancers, colleagues and customers).

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William L. Hart