The Wrap: Joint STB-Agoda marketing campaign, Mayflower Holidays partnership with TA Network, Duetto revenue management survey

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STB Partners with Agoda to Accelerate Tourism in Southeast Asia

Celebrating a new partnership (LR): Crystal Koh of Agoda, Enric Casals, Ollala Rey and John Gregory Conceicao and Nicholas Lim of STB (Image credit: STB, Agoda)

To bring visitors from Southeast Asia to Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) forges partnerships with the main travel players in the region, signing of a strategic agreement with AirAsia last month and recently with Agoda.

The two parties have signed a “partnership agreement” for an integrated marketing campaign targeting Southeast Asian travelers to Singapore.

“This marks the first direct partnership between STB and Agoda to better capture travel demand as border restrictions begin to lift in the region,” the two partners said in a statement.

Under the agreement, Agoda, headquartered in Singapore, will use its technology and travel expertise, data insights and integrated marketing capabilities to drive more affinity for travel experiences. in Singapore.

John Gregory Conceicao, Executive Director of the STB, said: “As borders gradually reopen, it is important for the industry to collaborate and move our travel sector forward.”

He added that through this partnership and with the ideas and knowledge of each partner “we can reach a wider audience and invite them to rediscover Singapore and our vibrant neighborhoods, a variety of delicious foods and unique attractions”.

Enric Casals, director of Agoda, hopes that “this will be the first in a long-standing partnership with the Singapore government, aimed at boosting the tourism economy”.

Malaysian company Mayflower Holidays leverages TA Network technology to increase direct hotel bookings

MayFlower Holidays is partnering with TA Network to increase direct booking of dynamic rates with its hotel partners. (Image credit: hanieriani/Getty Images)

Mayflower Vacation expands its collaboration with Travel Affiliate Network (TA Network) for its B2B online hotel direct booking services for agents, wholesalers and businesses within the TA Network ecosystem.

As part of the agreement, TA Network will provide its dynamic content management system to Mayflower Holidays to enhance customer online engagement with fully integrated, customizable promotion pages through TA Network’s multi-product booking engines.

The partnership will also allow Mayflower Holidays to expand its wholesale business through TA Network channels.

Mayflower Holidays Chief Commercial Officer Jean Tung said the partnership with TA Network will allow the company to increase direct booking of dynamic rates with its hotel partners and gain access to hotels that have engaged TA Network for their B2B direct booking services.

“Through this collaboration, we will also be able to work more closely with our hotels for tactical promotional pricing and offer value-added products to our partners and customers, inclusive.”

Mayflower Holidays, established in 1960, is a travel services specialist in Malaysia with a global network serving 57 countries, catering to both individuals and businesses.

TA Network, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, provides direct online hotel booking services for travel agents, wholesalers and businesses within its ecosystem .

Automation and integration key to recovery, hoteliers say

New revenue management report for hoteliers from Duetto (Image credit: Duetto)

Nearly 78% of hoteliers will increase their investment in hotel technology over the next three years, according to a Duetto survey.

The survey was conducted with hoteliers around the world to gauge their sentiment and priorities around revenue management, revenue tools and technology innovations.

The majority of respondents working in revenue management said automation and integration were key to future success, with 77.6% planning to increase their hotel technology investment over the next three years.

67.6% currently use a revenue management system (RMS) such as Duetto. Of the remaining 32.4%, 50% were looking to invest in revenue technology in 2022, and 23.4% were looking to invest in the next two years.

Respondents identified technology as the most important revenue management trend for 2022, with 58.6% citing integrated systems, followed by 54.8% citing name automation as critical.

The top five responses were mixed between technology trends, revenue trends, and customer behavior: embedded systems (58.6%), automation (54.8%), TRevPAR (36.7%), digital customer journey ( 31.4%), ancillary income (29%).

55.2% of revenue managers surveyed also indicated that they are focusing more on strategic revenue management as automation has reduced manual tasks such as data entry, reporting and others time-consuming efforts.

“Adoption of technology in hotels has increasingly accelerated as hotels seek greater efficiency in both the front and back of the house,” said David Woolenberg, CEO by Duetto. “It’s promising to see more industry leaders focusing on technology adoption, technology upgrades, and building an integrated technology stack.”

Download the report: Re-booting Revenue: Refreshing Strategies for 2022 and Beyond.

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