TODAY pushes news and issues forward in a new national marketing campaign via Hello – Campaign Brief NZ

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MediaWorks successfully launched its refreshing new style of news and talk radio, TODAY FM, with a nationwide marketing campaign.

With the same old voices from mainstream radio shows left and right, TODAY FM is on a mission to bring a more balanced, forward-looking and positive approach to responding.

“Our ambition is to redefine news and become the nation’s go-to news platform,” said Amanda Midgley, Head of Marketing at MediaWorks. The brand provides what we believe is a refreshing platform for listeners to join the discussion with a more balanced point of view.

Dallas Gurney, Director of News and Talks, MediaWorks, built the company from the ground up in less than 9 months, assembling a talented line-up including Tova O’Brien, Duncan Garner, Rachel Smalley, Mark Richardson, Leah Panapa, Lloyd Burr, Wilhelmina Shrimpton and Polly Gillespie, along with other top talent and attracting Paul Henry as the voice of the brand.

According to Lee Gilmour, senior marketing director at MediaWorks: “The campaign focuses on what unites us, rather than what divides us. We wanted to create a campaign that excites New Zealanders every day and showcases TODAY FM as a powerful place for all of us.

TODAY drives news and issues forward in a new national marketing campaign via Hello

Damon O’Leary, Creative Director of Hello, said: “The campaign shows how finding common ground is the best way to move an issue forward, and that TODAY FM has the platform to help make the difference. Dallas and the entire team have been superb throughout the development process and we look forward to seeing the resort grow.

TODAY drives news and issues forward in a new national marketing campaign via Hello

The campaign is currently airing on national television, out-of-home, radio, print, digital and social media.

Client: Media Works
News & Talk Director: Dallas Gurney
Marketing Manager: Amanda Midgley
Chief Marketing Officer: Lee Gilmour
Marketing Manager: Stefanie Gough

Agency: Hello
Chief Strategy Officer: Deborah Simpson
Creative Director: Damon O’Leary
Design Director: Matt Hammond
Managing Director: James Polhill
Producer: Nigel Sutton
Production Company: Bunker
Sound: Franklin Road
Production Company: The Collective Force
Executive Producer: Jason Jones
Photography: Toaki Okano

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