What is the best marketing strategy to get people to join your crypto?

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So, you are about to create a whole new crypto. You already

know what kind of coin it will be, you have prepared a detailed roadmap and you dream of being interviewed by crypto media soon. But, there is a big problem: how to reach investors and interest them in your corner?

In order to help you solve this problem, we have looked at some of the most effective crypto marketing strategies. Even if it’s been a while since your coin launched and you want to attract even more people now, take a look at these strategies as they can easily expand your reach.

1. Get the attention of crypto journalists

When it comes to creating buzz around your crypto, journalists are a valuable ally. Even in the age of social media, old-fashioned press releases haven’t lost their marketing value, and the same goes for a specific coin, NFT market, or currency exchange marketing strategy. crypto. Write and send press releases to relevant platforms, such as tradecrypto.comNot only will it help you grab people’s attention, but it will also send a message about the legitimacy of your product.

Of course, you will have to work hard on your press releases. Offer a creative writing approach that both encapsulates the core ideas surrounding your crypto (so people know what you’re talking about) and is inspirational enough for investors to take action. The best way to get in touch with relevant media is to bundle press releases into cryptocurrency guest posts. If you feel that your writing isn’t good enough for this purpose, hiring a professional to help you is the way to go.

2. Build a strong social media community

It goes without saying that no crypto digital marketing campaign is complete without a strong social media presence. By regularly posting updates, news, and project milestones on trending social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, you’ll be able to build hype while connecting with the rising community. You can even engage your audience with simple guides on various topics in the crypto space. To cite an example, it could be a comparison of BUSD and USDT, a yield farming guide, or literally anything that will interest the community. And by covering all popular social media platforms, you will attract different types of audiences to your crypto.

Since it is not as popular around the world and is ideal for crypto marketing, we will especially highlight the importance of having a Telegram crypto marketing strategy. A large number of crypto traders use Telegram’s messaging service, and you can find many crypto-related groups there. Moreover, in some countries, including Germany and Brazil, Telegram is actually the number 1 social media platform in terms of popularity. So don’t neglect it.

3. Reach influencers

Apart from journalists and social media groups, people mainly rely on crypto YouTube channels and podcasts for information. So, targeting these and other crypto influencers (especially on Twitter and Instagram) is a must for any crypto marketing campaign. Nowadays, people trust influencers even more than traditional media. Connecting with influencers interested in covering crypto news can help you reach literally millions of followers; it would be a mistake not to use it to your advantage.

Other than regular coverage, giving interviews and being a guest on podcasts is another way to get noticed by these subscribers. For example, there are many popular YouTube channels dedicated to cryptanalysis, which cover everything from Advantages and disadvantages of Polkadot to crypto exchange comparisons and reviews of the best trading robots. If you manage to get an interview with a credible analyst, your piece will get the public exposure it deserves.

  • Dropping free chips to random winners is always good for publicity. Additionally, consider hosting an ICO (initial coin offering) event, where you will sell your initial tokens. If you do, you will not only raise funds, but you will also receive additional attention from investors.
  • LinkedIn is a great platform for accessing powerful people who can help boost your piece’s exposure. By connecting with some of the millions of active investors on LinkedIn, you will eventually be able to reach institutional investors, which of course is even better.
  • These days, having high-quality search engine optimization (SEO) is almost as important as the actual content of your marketing campaign. Work on your keywords with the help of tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMRush, or hire a specialist SEO agency to help you.
  • Don’t neglect your community, even once it has already been established. Being transparent and heeding suggestions and criticisms from community members is key to retaining their favor over the long term. Keep in mind that there is no successful crypto without a strong community surrounding it.

William L. Hart