Why Podcast Influencers Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

People of all ages, stages, backgrounds, and nationalities love listening to podcasts.

Audience figures are at an absolute recordwith global podcast listeners expected to reach 424.2 million by the end of 2022. It’s no surprise, then, that the number of podcast influencers is also on the rise.

There are also millions of podcasts available online. rephonican all-in-one podcast streaming and search tool for savvy marketers, has over 2.5 million podcasts in its database, with 424,194 of them are actively recording at last count.

Podcasts are friendly and portable – they go wherever your phone goes. That means a podcast host can be in your ear at the gym, in the bath, and on that long commute.

So how can an influencer marketing strategy help your brand?

Let’s find out.

What is a podcast influencer?

Few podcasts attract mass audiences. Instead, most podcasts cater to a niche. Podcast influencers are hosts who have amassed a huge number of loyal and highly engaged fans.

For example, Gary Vaynerchuk addresses some 270,000 business people and entrepreneurs every day.

And Brandon Gaille, The millionaire bloggerhas built a fanbase of 21,000 bloggers, all of whom tune in to the weekly podcast to learn actionable strategies on building and monetizing their blogs.

Listeners to these popular podcasts upload new episodes to make sure they don’t miss any. They listen excessively to the back catalog of the podcast and are very likely to buy from brands and sponsors aligned with the show.

Why use a podcast influencer to market your brand?

Podcast Subscribers like to learn. According to Edison Research, 74% of podcast fans say learning new things is their main reason for listening to podcasts. They are interested in hearing “the story behind” – whether it’s a brand, a celebrity, an event or a movement.

So it’s no surprise that top influencers have guests with interesting, heartwarming, or controversial stories to tell. These guests can boost ratings in podcast rankings — good news for podcast sponsors and marketers, as well as the host.

Podcast listeners are growing, especially at the micro level

Podcasts are extremely popular in the United States, with around 80 million Americans listening every week. This is an increase of 17% in one year.

Additionally, many people tune in several times a week, with respondents to Edison’s survey saying they listened to more than 6 hours of episodes one week in 2020.

However, if you’re looking to partner with top podcast influencers, targeting the right level of influencer for your brand is crucial.

For example, if you’re not a big celebrity yourself, you’re unlikely to catch the eye of a macro podcaster (one with millions of weekly podcast subscribers). Look for “micro” or “nano” podcast influencers instead.

Very engaged listeners

Podcast micro-influencers have a loyal and active fan base in specific niches.

Some use comedy to spread their message. Many influencers interview thought leaders and experts in their niche, while others have guests a few steps ahead of listeners in their journey.

Listeners tune in to these weekly podcasts without fail. They feel like they’ve bonded with the host and their guest, as if they’re part of the conversation.

Think about it; how many times have you nodded or voiced your opinion out loud while listening to a podcast?

Micro-influencers are also very aware of the trust of their audience. They tend to promote only the products, services, and brands that they genuinely use and admire. It’s the opposite of celebrity ads on TV or social media – everyone knows they’ve been paid mega dollars to promote this brand.

But, if a podcast influencer tells their audience, “hey, that’s how I use this product and that’s how it helps me,” many listeners will put that brand on their radar.

When the same problem occurs to them, this solution is already “in mind”.

That’s why it makes sense for your brand to align with podcast influencers where you have a common audience.

Excellent conversion rate

According to Edison’s 2021 Super Listener Survey.

It used to be difficult to quantify the ROI of advertising or sponsoring a podcast and even harder to know if being invited to a podcast had a measurable effect.

However, in 2022, there are plenty of ways to measure your conversion rate. For example, you can use promo codes, main pages, and questions like “how did you hear about us?” to follow customers who come from a podcast.

ROI should also be thought of in terms of brand exposure. Listening to a brand in many episodes can make it a real buying option for podcast fans.

Get permanent brand visibility

Podcasts are still going strong.

This is another huge advantage when using the podcast influencer industry. This means that your sponsorship season episodes or interviews you recorded with these five podcast influencers will be discoverable for years after they are made.

Plus, they’ll likely be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart, and a host of other podcasting platforms.

So even if the podcaster isn’t currently recording, new listeners can find the show and binge-watch the back catalog, including your episodes.

Easily find your target audience

But how do you find the podcast influencers that best fit your brand?

This is where Rephonic comes in to help.

Rephonic’s search tool helps you browse over two million podcasts to find the ones that might be right for you. Its advanced filters allow you to specify the category, podcast listener numberslocation, audience engagement and more to come up with a list of suitable shows.

It even provides their contact details and direct links to each podcast’s episodes and social media platforms.

Understanding the numbers, listening to podcast episodes, and looking at comments and social media engagement stats are three essentials when choosing the best podcasting influencers who would be suitable for brand partnerships with you.


These are five of the most powerful reasons why you should consider podcasts when thinking about influencer marketing.

Podcasts are arguably one of the hottest media right now. Many businesses still think of social media platforms or the most successful YouTuber of the moment when they hear the words “influencer marketing campaign”.

But you can get a head start by using rephonic to find podcasting influencers and contact them with your pitch or proposals.

Posted on March 11, 2022

William L. Hart