Why She-Hulk Season 1 Marketing Campaign Is Amazing

She-HulkThe marketing for the first season was brilliant. Viral Marketing for Movies and Augmented Reality are trending and working better since Marvel’s famous little marketing campaign with the premiere. The ant Man film. Now She-Hulk has a proven track record of not only reaching its target audience, but expanding that range and inspiring viral gags purely from its show content.

She-Hulk also took a cue from the Ant-Man campaign and used its traditional marketing (billboards, posters) to spread this viral content to the real world. She-Hulk is in a unique position in the MCU. The show’s fresh take on existing ideas about the MCU makes it a very hot topic of discussion.


There have been reviews of She-Hulkmarketing strategy since its inception. Many said it hurt the story or that it wasn’t what they wanted to see from the MCU show. While many of these naysayers are just internet trolls (who She-Hulk makes a gag of using Intelligencia), other critics are regular MCU fans with vlogs or another way of being vocal. And these fans usually brand themselves saying it’s not something they expected to She-Hulk. Marketing complaints become show complaints, pointing out that not all MCU shows are for everyone anymore. Because the marketing did what it’s supposed to do, otherwise you wouldn’t be talking about it.

The viral marketing of She-Hulk

Viral marketing campaigns have been successful since Twitter made its first live update at SXSW. It was a fun and interactive part of being involved with some of our favorite products. And movies and television have started to use marketing strategies to good effect. When The ant Man first created, Marvel created a series of hidden sculptures, encouraging fans to find them. They took the form of tiny action figures having a small-scale superhero fight all over the city. Marvel had even reduced the bus shelters with tiny The ant Man movie posters in them. Fans found them and shared them on social media.

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She-HulkThe marketing campaign was equally creative. Depending on the angle of the show’s subtitle, Lawyer, the ads looked a lot like what you might see for small law firms. They appeared on the backs of park benches and billboards with a smiling She-Hulk face and a phone number, much like how you see personal injury lawyers advertise. There was even a large green bench the size of She-Hulk with a lawyer’s ad on the back. You had to jump to sit on it. Many of them were downgraded when the show revealed that She-Hulk the villainous Titania would start a rivalry. Jameela Jamil was seen vandalizing as Titania She-Hulk advertisements and put their own posters on She-Hulk.

Reflecting on the more personal side of the series, Marvel has also created a She-Hulk Tinder profile. He caught a lot of attention for the show very quickly. He even went so far as to slip into a few people’s DMs. He previewed a portion of the show that focused on Jennifer Walters’ relationship with herself and with She-Hulk. We started to see in later episodes that Jen had actually created this Tinder profile as She-Hulk and how it was so much more popular than hers.

It was a themed part of the show, bringing the rest of us in before we even knew it was part of the show. It’s always a creative and popular option to create an ad that lets fans interact with something they’re looking forward to. And when you do that for a movie or a TV show, you turn some of that fiction into reality.

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The She-Hulk Marketing Controversy

She-HulkTinder’s profile has also garnered a remarkable amount of backlash from particular fans. Before the premiere of the show, many people said that it was a cheap or inauthentic way to advertise for She-Hulk. But these publicity strategies were successful in bringing attention to the show. Not only that, but the interactive version of the ad campaign is exactly the way to go. The Batman announced his film a few months earlier. The interactive mystery that fans had to solve as part of the trailers was hailed as an innovative way to promote a film.

Many fans said it wasn’t the kind of thing they expected from a Marvel show. And after the show came out, they were right. She-Hulk takes the traditional MCU agenda and moves it in a very different direction. Before Avengers: Endgame, the MCU followed an incredibly similar pattern of superhero movies that catered to a very specific demographic. She-Hulk isn’t the kind of show that appeals to the same demographic. It still has a superhero narrative with superhero action, but it comes with an almost sex in the city atmosphere sometimes. She-Hulk is a distinctly female show that has come under greater critical scrutiny simply because it works differently with the MCU concept. And it doesn’t deserve to be punished for it.

William L. Hart