Why Tuft & Needle’s new marketing campaign focuses on sleep

Tuft & Needle is launching a marketing campaign designed around health and wellness.

PHOENIX – Centered on consumers’ continued interest in sleep and wellness, vertical bedding brand Tuft & Needle will launch a new marketing campaign to encourage consumers to get more restful sleep.

The company’s “Wake Up Awake” campaign focuses on day-to-day activities, including a mother helping to get her child ready for school and a young professional in her first place with no roommates. Scheduled to be broadcast on digital platforms, the campaign will also be presented in the brand’s eight stores.

During the pandemic, sleep researchers have documented an increase in sleep disturbances with two out of three US consumers indicating they were getting more or less sleep than desired. Sleep problems have been shown to impact mental and physical health.

Along with the marketing campaign, Tuft & Needle updated its Mint mattress to feature a machine-washable cover. The new washable zippered cover responds to feedback from consumers asking for a way to freshen up their sleep environment.

The Mint mattress, which was the brand’s second mattress, is designed with three layers of foam, including two layers of the company’s adaptive open-cell foam to allow airflow and a fundamental base layer.

“We continue to look for ways to advance our mission to help people sleep better so they can live healthier lives,” said Jen Daly, Director of Marketing at Serta Simmons Bedding. “Today’s updates to the Mint mattress, coupled with our new advertising campaign, are one of the many ways we’re helping meet consumer needs while telling stories that celebrate what we wake up to. .”

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