Young people in the tourism sector equipped with digital marketing skills

More than 50 young people from the tourism and hospitality sector were trained in digital marketing skills.

With the support of Enable, the Belgian development agency, the Ministry of Education and Sports in collaboration with the Tourism and Hospitality Sector Skills Council wishes to support the tourism and hospitality sector to attract tourists.

Digital marketing is the use of digital tools to promote products and services. It encompasses a set of tools ranging from email, social media, website, search engine optimization (SEO), SMS, mobile apps, VR and USSD to verification of the situation of companies using analyzes – “results-oriented”.

“Following a skills needs assessment, it was discovered that members of the hospitality industry lack digital marketing skills. Most of them have websites that have wrong content about our country. we have decided to train those involved in the sector to address the skills mismatch between supply and demand for skills in the labor market,” said Herbert Byaruhanga, Chairman of the Uganda Tourism Association (UTA) .

Byaruhanga noted that the objective of the training is to harness the business potential of businesses through online branding and marketing, which will increase their sales and profitability, thereby leading to business growth and expanding. employment opportunities for young people in the hospitality and tourism sector.

“Digital marketing is a new area that needs a lot of attention if we want to adapt to the world. We will set the standard of training with the Directorate of Industrial Training and ensure that these people are properly assessed, registered and licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board so that we begin to build our capacity in this digital marketing noted Byaruhanga. .

Speaking at the event, Mark Smith, an international expert trainer, noted that tourism professionals use social media and websites to attract tourists in and out, but you find that They use images from different countries to promote Uganda, with training they will know how to share information on different social media platforms.

“We trained them in online presence and marketplaces, digital marketing strategies, branding, media quality and source, and website design,”

We do not focus on academics, but if you want to offer tourism services to people. In addition, certificates will be issued to master trainers.

He urged new graduates to hone their digital skills as many employers are now looking beyond traditional skills and looking for skills that can help companies improve their efficiency in production and customer outreach.

“Today we see so many unemployed graduates, but there are so many job opportunities available. We need to make sure our lawyers, doctors and accountants are trained to think about integrating digital skills into their practices. I run a travel agency known as Kagera safari but I was unsure what post to share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I learned not to copy and paste,” Miriam Kyasimire.

“I have the content but I didn’t know how to use it to attract tourists outside of Uganda. Now I know more about email marketing and how to check the website. The skills I learned, I will also share with others,” said Edgar Kalyango, a beneficiary.

William L. Hart